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Today, Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the United States housing some of the most resilient and most brilliant minds in the Midwest. And, yes, here at Golan’s Moving and Storage we know that there is certainly more to Illinois than Chicago. But that’s where we’ll be focusing a lot of our attention in this article. Because let’s face it, if you’re considering moving to Illinois, you’ll at the very least take a hard look at the giant that sits on Lake Michigan. Correct us if we’re wrong, though and stop reading now. But don’t worry, we will cover everything you need to know about moving to Illinois in this premium guide. So bear with us.

Chicago skyline in cartoon
When it comes to lists of things that are the “biggest,” “tallest” and “first” in the country, region, or even world, chances are, Chicago’s on it. Probably multiple times.

What do you know about the state of Illinois?

Before we dive into our wonderful Windy city and its quirks, pros, cons, and the weather, let’s explore a brief overview of the state. So, besides Chicago, Illinois has a few other claims to fame. For one, Illinois was the very first state to abolish slavery. It was here that Abraham Lincoln lived for a couple of decades of his life. Additionally, but not on the same level of importance whatsoever, Illinois is home to the world’s very first McDonald’s.

Moving to Illinois? Its landscape leaves something to be desired

Unlike some other states where our professional, skilled and fast long-distance movers Chicago coordinate relocation, Illinois leaves something to be desired when it comes to its landscape and the life in the great outdoors.

The state has extremely flat terrain and that flat terrain consists of 85% corn. It is definitely not the most attractive of landscapes for outdoorsy people who might be looking for a new home to move into, in a location with plenty to do outside. With that said, you are moving to southern Illinois, you can find Garden of The Gods. Yes, that’s what we said. This Garden is somewhat of a surprise gem in the state with some of the most beautiful hiking and sights in the country. So, if you’re planning on moving to Illinois, this would be quite the journey.

Now let’s briefly look at the pros and cons of moving to Illinois:

Like every other state in the US, Illinois has some great aspects about it and some not so great ones. We don’t want you to run into any surprises when you decide to hire our local movers Chicago. That is why we’re going to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of moving to this Midwestern part of the state. We will go ahead and start off with the pros because we like to keep a positive attitude here at Golan’s Moving and Storage.

Chicago map
Chicago’s blend of cultures living together in the bustling metropolis resembles the energy of fellow urban meccas like New York and Boston.

The pros of moving to Illinois: Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s Chicago

Our main pro of moving to Illinois basically comes down to having the opportunity to live in one of the most impressive cities in the United States. Indeed, that’s what Chicago is. Very few states boast cities so large they almost feel like states in and of themselves.

About Chicago

Standing tall and proud on the southwestern bank of Lake Michigan, the city of Chicago is nothing if not striking. Filled with booming businesses, people passionate about their sports, and so easily discernible in photographs by its brilliant architecture, Chicago’s known for its unapologetic conspicuousness in everything it is connected with.

Chicago’s boasts a true blend of cultures

Another hallmark of the Windy City, though, is its diversity, but with the heartiness of the Midwest as well. After all, it’s another name is “The City of Big Shoulders” and “The City That Works”. And for a very solid reason. It is home to the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the oldest zoo in the USA, the world’s first-ever Ferris wheel, and one of the most expansive municipal libraries. Oh, we almost forgot the two biggest collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings in the world.

Living in such a nerve center of achievement and culture is an exciting feature in and of itself. However, sometimes with so much going on at such a fast pace, it can be a little overwhelming to find oneself moving to the heart of Illinois. Of course, you are wondering where to start. So, rely on us and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The cons of moving to Illinois

Let’s cut to the chase – the cons are lack of choices and often brutal weather. With the truth out of the way, there are certainly a few cons that might make moving to Illinois the wrong choice for you. For one, there are very few, down to no choices when it comes to moving to a medium to a larger sized city. That is, apart from Chicago.

In addition to poor selection, truthfully, the weather in Illinois is oftentimes downright brutal. Temperatures in Chicago, for example, went as low as negative 23 degrees freezing this last winter. Not cool! Well, literally, it was in fact bone-chillingly brutal, and we can not make this up! Thank God that’s over. On the other hand, not all is lost. Illinois is known for having beautiful, mild summers.

Chicago skyline
So, if you can withstand the cold weather and the brutal winds, you’re in for a treat come spring and summer.

Before the move, make sure you are really ready

Like all businesses, some moving companies are better than others. You can avoid many problems while moving to Illinois by relying on a licensed, professional mover and understanding your rights and obligations.

Get a written estimate before the move starts

And not when the mover shows up with the truck! Have the mover sign your copy of the written moving estimate. Never choose a carrier solely on the basis of the lowest estimate. Cheap usually means low quality. That is why you should go with affordable, paired with as much high quality as you can get for your budget. Happy moving!

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