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Are you moving to Skokie? This Illinois village is just 15 miles north of Chicago and offers an amazing assortment of activities for anyone looking to make a life there! It has become quite popular with commuters, and there are many affordable Skokie storage opportunities as well – so it has appeared on the radar of a lot of people and moving companies. All you really need to start your life here are some reliable Skokie moving companies. Lucky for you – Golan’s Moving & Storage is a perfect choice! With a simple phone call, we will become your partner and make your Skokie move fun and stress-free!

Chicago downtown - Skokie moving companies have experience both out and in the city!
Skokie is just a quit ride away from downtown Chicago!

Skokie, Illinois

There is a lot to love about the village of Skokie! Lying just around 15 miles north of Chicago’s downtown loop, this Cook County settlement’s name comes from the word for “marsh” in the Potawatomi language. This is because its rich history is deeply connected to the land it sits on. The village started as a farming community where German and Luxembourg people could live. Later on, a huge Jewish population came to the area – especially during the middle of the twentieth century.

Skokie is popular with people who are looking to make a living in Chicago. Because it is so close to the city – and has many public transportation connections to it – people move here in order to afford to live near Chicago and working in the Windy City. What’s more, people use storage Skokie while living in Chicago for its affordability too! This is why many people know Skokie as “The World’s Largest Village” – which was part of the promotional campaign for it, too! It has the right to call itself that, though. In 2010, the population was around 65,000 people!

the L
Skokie is connected to downtown Chicago through the L!

Its proximity to Chicago isn’t only clear in the transportation – which is far from sparse! Even Skokie’s streets are just the continuation of the Chicago street grid! What’s more, getting to the city is not hard. All you need to do is to jump on the ‘L’s Yellow Line at the Dempster Street station or at Oakton Street! If you don’t like the train, then there are CTA and Pace bus routes to pick from, too!

It’s important to look into Skokie moving companies

Knowing just how amazing Skokie is is good, but knowing why you need local movers Chicago to get here is even better! Many people believe that, since Skokie is only one quick car ride away, you don’t need movers to get you here. However, this is a wrong thing to do! There are many dangers to moving by yourself, and you should not attempt this. This is especially true if you have never moved before!

Moving is a hard process, and it takes time. What’s more, it requires you to do plenty of planning beforehand, so nothing can go wrong or awry. If you are not careful enough, then mistakes are easy to happen! This is why having expert Skokie moving companies on your side will be beneficial during the move! Not only can someone like Golan’s Moving & Storage help you actually move the items and store them, but we can also offer valuable logistics advice that you cannot get anywhere else!

a man planning his move
We can help you figure out all the logistics of your move!

This way, we help you in multiple regards. First, with our advice, you will know exactly how to properly pack up your things. Once you do, the chances of something breaking or getting lost are minimal! Then, we can help you deal with all the paperwork – or we can pack up your things with our packing services while you tackle this chore yourself! By using our help, you will gain a lot of spare time. This time is a valuable resource in the moving industry, and you will be grateful for it!

Golan’s Moving & Storage is the company you want on your side!

So, when it comes to picking Skokie moving companies, there is only one clear choice! Golan’s Moving & Storage are the movers you want! There are many reasons for this. First, we were founded in 1990. This means we have three decades of work behind us. This gives us valuable experience and knowledge that you will not find with too many Chicago movers nowadays. We are also highly professional and always eager to learn more. As the moving industry changed and expanded – so did we. This is how we are still able to do our business after all this time – with the same level of positivity and professionalism!

Another huge reason for this is that we always put our focus on you and your needs. To us, you are not just another client! And even though we are moving you locally to Skokie, we will put all our effort to make sure this move is perfect! That’s why we are very open to communication with you. We will discuss the move in detail so you can get the best grasp on it. Only when you know exactly what is happening at any given time can you relax and feel at ease with the move!

What’s more, we pride ourselves on being able to solve all your moving problems! That’s why we can offer you a huge number of moving services! We believe that there is no move too hard, or a problem too difficult to solve! From moving your items to packing them up, including special services – we have it all! You don’t have to lift a finger – just contact us today! One of the best Skokie moving companies is working for you – and its name is Golan’s Moving & Storage!

Skokie moving services are just a click away.

The stress of moving can be overwhelming. Let Golan’s Moving and Storage do all the work for you! With Golan’s, you can enjoy your moving experience, rather than dread it. Golan’s has provided packing and moving services in Skokie, IL for over twenty years. Choose Golan’s to assist you with your moving and see why we remain one of the longest-lasting moving businesses in the area!

Why Choose Golan’s Moving and Storage?

Thousands of residential and commercial customers all agree that Golan’s is the best! We are proud to say that we have provided the best moving and packing services at the best prices in Skokie for over twenty years. Golan’s Moving and Storage is a:

  • accredited member with the Illinois Better Business Bureau,
  • “ProMover” through the American Moving and Storage Association,
  • 5-time Angie’s List award winner
  • member of the Illinois Movers and Warehousemen’s Association.

Additionally, Golan’s Moving and Storage is licensed with the American Moving and Storage Association, International Association of Movers, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Choose Golan’s as your movers and see why clients and industry experts alike have helped make us Skokie’s leading moving and storage company.

What other Skokie Residents are saying:

My moving experience with Golan’s was a far cry from my previous moving experiences. In the past, I would spend all week packing my stuff in boxes, then loading up my car and moving it piecemeal. It was such a headache. This time I decided to use Golan’s and there is nothing more satisfying than completing an entire move in just half a day. I was settled in my new home in a tenth of the time I normally take to move!

-Jerry Lindemulder – Skokie, IL

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