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Even if you are moving for the very first time in your life, you have probably run into someone saying that moving a house is hard. Moving an office can be even harder. But have you actually stopped to consider why that is? What makes the whole process so mysterious and difficult? What is the hardest part of the move? Well, for the most, it is having to move all your furniture items. That’s why they call furniture movers Chicago – and there are no better ones than Golan’s Moving & Storage! After you call us, we will make your move easy and stress-free, and your furniture safe and sound!

a couch
Your furniture will be safe with good furniture movers Chicago!

We have a variety of moving services for you:

  • Our local movers know Chicago like the back of their hand, and they will make your move in the Windy city smooth!
  • If coming from across the country, you can always use our long-distance moving services for a quick and secure relocation!
  • Our residential movers Chicago are working with the best furniture movers Chicago can offer you!
  • And the same can apply for our professional Chicago office movers, too!
  • If you need to pack your furniture, then you will want the best moving boxes in the industry!
  • You can also use our packing services if you feel unsure about packing your furniture!
  • Our storage Skokie units are ready for your furniture – whether you need them for a short- or long-term stay!
  • Finally, we have a variety of special services just waiting for you!

What makes Golan’s Moving & Storage the best furniture movers Chicago?

If the variety of our moving services Chicago wasn’t enough to convince you that we are the best people to move your furniture, then you’re in for a ride! There is a lot that makes Golan’s Moving & Storage the perfect choice! The first thing would be that we are a moving company that focuses on your happiness. We are very well aware of just how stressful a moving experience can be. That’s why we put in all our energy and effort to make it as comfortable as it can possibly be for you! We can help you with planning as well as the variety of services we mentioned, to ensure that you will have a lot of time for yourself, and as little stress as possible!

Couple moving furniture - happy
Evade stress with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

How do we achieve this? Thanks to our professionalism and expertise! We have been working in Chicago for almost 30 years! In all this time, though, we didn’t stagnate. Quite the opposite, really! We worked hard and changed and develop together with the moving industry. We always try to be on top of our game with our modern local Chicago moving solutions and reliable equipment, as well as many trainings and workshops for all our workers. All this was with the aim of improving our services as best as we can!

Today, we are happy to say we are one of the forerunners in the moving industry. When looking for furniture movers Chicago, there are high odds that you will run into a person recommending our business. This is because many of our clients come back to move with us once more – some even doing it four or five times! We helped both homes and offices develop and begin new chapters in their lives – and we developed with them!

Why do I need professional furniture movers Chicago?

There is a hot debate right about now about whether it is better to use professional movers or try to attempt a DIY move. There is no easy answer, but there are a lot of things you need to consider.

Yes, it is true that moving can be expensive. And you will need to spend some time looking into long-distance moving companies Chicago and deciding which one you should use for your relocation or to move your furniture. However, the pros of using a moving company outweigh the cons by a huge margin! First, and this is especially true if you are moving for the first time, you will have amazing experts on your side! Here at Golan’s Moving & Storage, we know exactly how a move can go and where things can go awry! We can use this knowledge when planning the logistics of the move with you!

an antique drawer needs furniture movers Chicago for safety
Antique and expensive items are hard to repair and replace!

Then there is the cost of repairing your furniture items if something does go awry to consider. You might not have sufficient coverage for this! People often ignore this when choosing to move by themselves, and that’s where they make a huge mistake. Moving might seem innocent enough, but it can be pretty dangerous. Some furniture items are heavy and big, while some fragile or expensive.

You need to think about both injuries and the costs of repairing and replacing the items you lose during the transport. Without Golan’s Moving & Storage on your side, the risk of this skyrockets since you don’t have good moving advice and suggestions there!


To conclude, when looking for furniture movers Chicago, it is Golan’s Moving & Storage you will want to call! We are the moving company with literally decades of experience! Also, we boast an amazing attitude that will make your move stress free for you! We can also help you with a variety of moving services that you can use!

What’s more, by using our services, you will get a lot of free time for yourself while we take care of the most tedious chores! This is extremely important when moving furniture because you will have time to plan other moving chores – or simply say goodbye and spend time with your friends!

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