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Most people have issues with protecting their belongings and valuables during a moving process. That doesn’t have to be your problem, not when you have Golan’s Moving and Storage on your side. Our moving company owns some of the best and most secure storage units in Skokie – Chicago. Short-term or long-term, our storage Skokie solutions are as good as you can find in the Chicago metropolitan area. Call us now and book yours, along with top-rate moving services!

Chicago storage facility
Discover the best storage Chicago has to offer and rent yours today

Sometimes, finding a good, reliable storage unit can be a nightmare! This is especially true when you are living in a place like Skokie – or Chicago itself! The choices are many, but only a couple of them are right. You need a storage company that is professional and reliable, and who you can trust. If these are the traits you are looking for, then Golan’s Moving & Storage is your company! With years of experience, we can offer premium storage Skokie! All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call!

Using good storage Skokie is important!

There is nothing worse than picking the wrong kind of storage unit! People don’t think about it too much, but every item you have needs special care. Similarly, every storage unit will have different things to offer someone. It doesn’t matter if you are working with Chicago office movers or with residential ones – you will want storage that will benefit your items!

When people think about this, they will usually think of the size of their storage Skokie. However, this is often not the most important thing! Yes, it is true that you need to pick the size that will accommodate your items and your needs. If you plan to use storage units Skokie often, then you will want a unit with a bit more wiggle room for you. Conversely, if you are just looking into storing items until you need them, then getting a smaller one is the best choice for you.

But that’s not what you should be focusing on! Instead, you need to think about what else your storage unit can have – and needs to have – to give your items optimal “living” conditions. For example, if you are storing sensitive IT equipment, you will need secure storage that’s protected from the heat and the cold. These temperature-controlled units cannot be found everywhere! Similarly, you need to look into units with good security, as well as protection against pests, bugs, durt – and especially moisture! Luckily, we have all of this – and it’s waiting for you in Skokie!

Why use Golan’s Moving & Storage units?

There are many reasons why our storage Skokie is the best in the area! First, we are both a storage company as well as the best residential movers Chicago has to offer! This means that we are very well aware of the diversity of items one can have. Getting in touch with so many people throughout the years of our work gave us a good insight into everyone’s storage needs.

a lock pad on Storage Skokie
Your security – along with your happiness – is our priority!

This is how we created such a multitude of storage units, that will offer premium services for your items! From protecting your furniture from extreme heat and cold – which both can occur in Chicago area – to securing them from theft as well as unwanted visitors, at Golan’s Moving & Storage we will do everything to make sure you are at ease! That’s why you will rest assured that your items are safe! We work hard to make each client satisfied because your happiness is what matters to us!

This is actually how we started out. With only a couple of workers and one moving truck, we sat out to make people happy! We have worked for over thirty years to make this a reality! That is why we are where we are today – being one of the best local Chicago moving companies offering amazing storage Skokie as well as moving people around the area!

There is much more than storage Skokie in the village!

If you are a newcomer to the area, then you might not know too much about Skokie. This is a shame because Cook County village is amazing! It’s right north of Chicago, around 15 miles from the downtown loop. The name comes from a Potawatomi’s word for a marsh since it started as a farming community. A lot of people also know it as The World’s Largest Village. With a population of almost 65,000, it is easy to boast this!

Millennium park
You can find Skokie only 15 miles north of Chicago!

Being so close to the Windy City does wonders for Skokie. Its streets continue the Chicago grid, and the residents often commute for work to the metropolis. However, this means that storage Skokie is cheaper than in its neighbors! What’s more, being so close to Chicago offers the chance for you to get a good deal on storage even as a Chicago resident!

And you don’t even need to travel too much! Skokie connects to Chicago L’s Yellow Line at Dempster Street station as well as at Oakton Street – right in the downtown. For those who don’t know much about Chicago’s trains, the Yellow Line is the fastest form of transport around the city. However, it’s not the only one in Skokie! CTA and Pace bus routes also connect the village to Chicago! And if you prefer your car, then all you need to take is Interstate 94.

Clean, Fire-Proof, Climate-Controlled Storage Skokie

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you would want to use storage Skokie that we offer! Not only are we the company that is looking out for you, but we also offer premium storage services! At our premises, you will find safe and secure storage units, with reliable conditions for all your furniture and items. The best of all is that you can get all of this very simple! All you need to do is contact us! From there, we can set up a meeting and see exactly what your storage needs are and how we can meet them! There is no worry or problems with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

Batman storage
Let us be the storage Skokie heroes you need!

Transitions don’t always have seamless overlaps. Sometimes, you need to store items – furniture, appliances, boxes and more. Our 150,000 square foot Skokie – Chicago storage facility is state-of-the-art. It includes complete fire protection, steady-state temperature, and humidity controls, and a well-maintained infrastructure that is kept free from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Please feel free to stop by and tour our storage facility.

Other Storage Options to Suit Your Needs

You may simply need overnight truck storage or prefer to use a local self-storage facility. We can help you with either option. Please speak with your Golan’s Moving & Storage consultant about these options and how Golan’s can help.

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