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Moving from Chicago to New York is quite a step. Even though the Windy City and the Big Apple are similar in many ways, they are also different in many ways. You will be changing one urban center for an even bigger urban center. So, you need to be prepared for some adjustments. And on top of that, here we are talking about long-distance relocation. So that means that you will need the help of one of many moving companies in Skokie IL if you want to have a smooth long-distance move. For all of those reasons, we’ve made moving from Chicago to New York 101 for you!

Moving from Chicago to New York – similarities and differences

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is a dream city for many people. And you can find depictions of New York in many books, movies, TV shows and so on. Considering all of that, it is no wonder that there are many stereotypes about New York that you might believe in.

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard that New York is a tough place to live, that it’s a place that never sleeps or that people are unfriendly. While some of these stereotypes are true, others are not. That’s why I think it’s important to know what you can expect from living in New York. So, without further ado, here are some similarities and differences between New York and Chicago.

Transportation in New York

One of the biggest differences between New York and Chicago is the traffic, of course. New York’s public transport is one of the best, if not the best, ones in the US. Subways and trains so developed that you can go from one part of the city to virtually any other part of the city in less than 40 minutes. And residents of New York usually opt for this instead of owning a car. One more reason for this can be that parking in New York is a nightmare. However, you can ask your movers for auto transport Chicago if you do choose to drive your car in New York.

A person driving a car - Moving from Chicago to New York
Whereas, residents of Chicago usually prefer to drive themselves.

Moving from Chicago to New York and taxes

The tax situation is also different between these two cities. In Chicago, you’ve paid property tax that is almost double than in the rest of the US. Once you move to New York, you’ll be happy to know that New York has no tax on personal property, such as vehicles and jewelry. But it does have property taxes on real estate that go to localities and not the state. That’s why localities determinate property tax rates. The state only allows areas to grant tax exemptions to veterans, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. However, New York imposes an additional income tax on workers and residents.

Calculating taxes - Moving from Chicago to New York
Be aware of the difference in tax systems when you are calculating your budget

So here’s a little summary of New York taxes:

  1. Income tax: 4% to 8.82%
  2. Estate tax: 3.06% to 16%
  3. Sales tax: 4% to 5%

The cost of living in New York

While we are on the topic of money, you should know that the cost of living in New York is higher than in Chicago. The housing market in New York is crazy, whether you’re looking to buy or rent. For example, the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in New York is $2,499. While the median price to buy a single-family home in the New York metro area is $403,900. If you have a tight budget, you can always opt for a smaller apartment and a storage unit in Skokie to keep your belongings. And I’m sorry to say that groceries, utilities, and entertainment are not an exception. But the good news is that the median annual salary in New York is $75K compared to $68K in Chicago.

New York’s job market

Apart from the fact that salaries are higher in New York, the job market is also bigger. So that means that you won’t have to look that hard for a new job like you would in Chicago. New York is a global center for banking and finance, retailing, world trade, real estate, new and old media, legal services, advertising, insurance, and arts. So, you will surely find a job in New York no matter your education or desires.

It is home to some of the largest companies in the world. After all, Wall Street and Silicon Alley are both centered in Manhattan. New York is often described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world, so if you want a career in these industries, then New York is the place to go to.

How to entertain yourself in New York

I hope you didn’t get the picture of New York as a place where you only go to work. Yes, work is a big part of New Yorkers’ life, but they also know how to party. That is a city where you can listen to your favorite musicians and discover new artists that are making their way through. In this “city that never sleeps,” you can always find a way a bar, club, rooftop, lounge, or restaurant to let loose.

Plates with different food
New York is also known as foodies’ paradise

Or if you prefer cultural events, you can always visit many museums and galleries. And there’s still an option to join countless tourists and go sightseeing. However, if you feel like relaxing and enjoying nature, you can take a stroll through beautiful Central Park or go to one of many nearby beaches.

Movers and moving from Chicago to New York

If you’re still up for moving from Chicago to New York, then we should talk a little bit about long-distance moving. Like I’ve already said, to have a successful long-distance relocation, you will need help from professional movers. So, the key is to find a reliable and accredited professional moving company like Golan’s Moving and Storage. Once you find your top 3 choices, you need to make sure that those moving companies are not fraudulent.

How to find the perfect moving company

You can do that by going to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and lookup if a said moving company has the USDOT number. By law, every moving company, no matter the state, is obliged to have the USDOT number if it offers long-distance relocation.

Once you are sure that the moving company is legal, it’s time to check their reputation. You can do that by searching them on Google and going to websites where you can read former customers’ reviews. Moving from Chicago to New York is a big task, so don’t settle. Hire the moving company that ticks all of your boxes!

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