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There are no odd items in the moving industry. A good moving company – like Golan’s Moving & Storage – will offer a variety of moving services for their clients! This is why it is no wonder that we are able to move odd-shaped and heavy items, such as pool tables, with relative ease and reliability! Really, when you want a reliable and professional pool table movers Chicago, you should call our company!

pool table movers Chicago can help you move a table like this one
Your pool table will be in safe hands with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

Why do you need professional pool table movers Chicago?

There is a lot that you need to think about and worry about when you want to relocate a pool table. These items, once a luxury, have become quite a common thing in a lot of homes nowadays. However, because of this, people often think that moving a pool table is as easy as getting one. This is where they are unfortunately very wrong.

Moving a pool table is a hard and complicated business. This is because the table itself is pretty heavy – some easily clock over one thousand pounds! Add to that how bulky they are, and you will have your hands full. What’s more, lifting heavy items it very risky. If you are not doing it correctly, you can easily end up with serious injuries in your legs, knees or your back. Luckily, our special services include moving the table – and we have both the equipment and the experts who can do it!

Finally, if you don’t know exactly how to move the pool table, then you can damage the table itself as well as other items, walls, and floors in your home. Just imagine throwing an item of such a size, which also weighs a couple of hundred pounds onto your floor! This damage can often be irreparable or just way too expensive! When you compare it to what you will pay pool table movers Chicago, you get a clear picture of which route you should take!

Golan’s Moving & Storage are the pool table movers Chicago you need!

This is why it’s important to call us when moving your pool table! Our long history in the moving business is a clear guarantee of our expertise! We have started way back in 1990 with only one truck and four movers. However, we were dedicated to ensuring all your moving problems will be solved! This is why today we are an ever-expanding business, going outside of the borders of Chicago with our long-distance moving services Chicago! We started from Wisconsin and Michigan and now we even have international clients!

snooker table
We are the pool table movers Chicago you want on your side!

What’s more, further proof of our quality is that some people come back to move with us again! We have had clients using our services for four or five times. They have grown along with us, from cramped apartments to suburban family homes! Our residential movers Chicago take great pride in being a part of these amazing journeys!

But that’s not all! Our Chicago office movers have also born witness to the business growing from one-room offices to the skyscrapers all around downtown Chicago! And as their expertise developed – so did ours! We gained new trucks, new services as well as more training opportunities for our workers! The best of all – through all this change, our wish to give you the best moving experience always remained constant!

We offer a variety of moving services!

As we already mentioned, one of our main goals was to create the perfect moving experience for you! We can only do this by being positive and professional, and offering a solution to all your moving problems! That is the reason why we have so many moving services in Chicago to offer you!

We already talked about our residential movers expanding way past the borders of the state, and even the country. However, we are still unapologetically from Chicago! That’s why our local Chicago moving services are best in the Windy City! Thanks to thirty years of experience in the city, we know exactly how to get around by avoiding as much traffic as humanly possible! We can figure out your local move with you, and make it easy and with no stress!

a pool table
Moving your pool table is not the only thing we can do for you!

But moving services are not the only thing we offer. We can also help you with packing by giving you the best moving boxes in the industry! This way, your items will be protected, whether they are in your home, our trucks or one of our secure storage Skokie facilities!

And since we know just how horrible packing for the move actually is, we offer the best packing services there are! So, while our movers are taking care of all that nasty packing you need to do, you can chase other chores and even get some time to hang out with your friends! This way, you are getting a wholesome moving experience with no worries!


To conclude, there are a lot of things to think about when hunting for pool table movers Chicago. These items can get pretty heavy, and you can easily get hurt or damage your home and possessions when trying to move them. So, contacting us is the best thing you can do in this case.

Golan’s Moving & Storage is an experienced moving company – with over thirty years of happy customers behind us. We can offer you premium pool table moving services, as well as a variety of other services which will solve all your moving problems! As you can see – there is no reason why you should avoid calling us today! Your perfect move awaits – with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

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