We are now offering online video moving estimate surveys as a convenience to our valued customers.

Enjoy the green moving services that our company offers. We care!

Golan’s is leading the way for its industry by using environmentally-friendly practices that counteract the traditionally harmful practices that other movers utilize. We strive to cut our environmental footprint in every way possible. Below are just a few ways of how we try to do so:

  • We provide our customers with the option of using discounted, recycled boxes that were previously used on recent moves. (Order boxes here)
  • We recycle over 10,000 pounds of paper each month from our offices and our warehouse
  • We use state of the art software that reduces the amount of paper that needs to be printed
  • We utilize recyclable packing paper instead of harmful plastic bubble wrap
  • We have carefully selected top of the line moving trucks that have over 8% better fuel economy than the average moving truck
  • While continuing to reduce our carbon footprint, we assure our customers that these changes will not affect the high-quality services that you will receive

For any other questions about our environmentally-friendly practices, feel free to contact any of our sales representatives at 1 (800) 439-8515.

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