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When you think about the state of Illinois and the cities you can move to there, you probably first think of Chicago or Springfield. However, Illinois has quite a lot of amazing cities you can move into affordably and easily! And the best of all, they mix the feel of a small city with being nearby Chicago – thus making it easy to have fun whatever you desire! The city of Evanston is exactly this kind of city. Neighboring Chicago to the north, it is just waiting for you to find good Evanston movers and move here! Golan’s Moving & Storage is exactly the company you are looking for! After you call us, we will make your move a pleasurable experience with no stress – so don’t waste a second longer! Pick up your phone today!

Witness Evanston skyline with Evanston movers
Move to Evanston with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

The perks of having Golan’s Moving & Storage as your Evanston movers!

When you are looking into getting good Evanston movers, then it’s Golan’s Moving & Storage that you need to use! There are many great perks you will get when moving with us – and many things that make us the finest moving company in the industry! First, we have been working in the Chicago area for decades now. In all that time, we worked hard on gaining as much experience as we could. We are always on the move and learning about different ways to help you move!

This is because of the second reason that makes us the best Evanston movers – we care about you! At Golan’s Moving & Storage, your needs are what matters. This is why we highly encourage you to talk to us about everything that you need or fear during the move. That way, we can figure out the solutions to every problem you have! We can also ensure that nothing you fear happens. Only when you know what is happening throughout the whole move can you be completely relaxed with the experience – and fully enjoy it. This way, we can provide an Evanston move for you with no stress or hassle!

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Moving can cause a lot of stress – but not with Golan’s Moving and Storage!

To ensure this, we have also created a variety of moving services Chicago! All of them developed throughout the years of working in the field, as a way to answer all your moving issues. That’s how we know we are the best – anything that might trouble you – we can find a way to solve!

We are the Evanston movers with a variety of services!

  • First, we are the local movers Chicago that you want to call when moving to Evanston! Being right next to Chicago, Evanston is practically a distant suburb! And since we are pros when it comes to getting around the city – we can figure out the best routes to get you to Evanston as well! This way, you will have an efficient and affordable move that also evades all the nasty traffic and doesn’t cost you any time!
  • If you are not from around the Chicago metro area, though, then you might opt to use our long-distance moving services! We are very capable when it comes to planning the logistics of long-distance moves, and we will make it easy for you! And since these can often be even more stressful than the short distance moves, you will want some good Evanston movers with you – which is us!
  • We are also the people you will want to call to relocate your office! This type of move differs quite a bit from moving home, but we can do it as well! Our workers have the necessary skills to transport sensitive equipment or IT items, as well as your office furniture! Another perk is that thanks to our experience, you will not lose work hours! We are efficient and professional!
  • Sometimes, though, you don’t need to move. Sometimes, all you are looking for is some good storage space where you can leave your items. This is exactly where we can come in with our storage Skokie! Our facilities are safe and secure! We will protect your furniture and items from all the critters, theft or moisture! Your stuff will be in sure hands at Golan’s Moving & Storage!
  • Finally, the hardest part of the move is probably packing. It just takes a lot of time, and people find it tiring. That’s why people use our packing services Chicago! We are the experts who will make sure your items are safe and ready for transport! So call us today and save yourself from a lot of stress!
our storage units are safe and secure
Our storage units are safe and secure!

Welcome to Evanston!

All that’s now left is to learn a little bit about the city of Evanston! You can find it in Cook County in the state of Illinois. One of the biggest perks of the city is that it is only 12 miles north of Chicago’s downtown. As a matter of fact, Evanston borders Chicago to the south. Its other neighbors are Skokie to the west and Wilmette to the north. To the east, you will find Lake Michigan.

According to the 2010 United States Census, the population of Evanston was 74,486 people. This is probably because a lot of people who live in the city commute to Chicago since it can be more affordable for living. Another boost to the population of the city is due to Northwestern University which is in Evanston.

If all of this sounds attractive to you, then you should head to Evanston as soon as possible! To get you there, Golan’s Moving & Storage is the best choice for Evanston movers! You can get our services really easy – just contact us by dialing our phone! We will be happy to hear from you!

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