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In the chaos of moving, it’s easy to lose track of everything that you need to do. You focus on the most immediate and important tasks first – hiring the best movers in Chicago, packing your belongings, planning on how to get to your new home. While all this is very important, you mustn’t forget to transfer utilities when moving to Elmwood Park, IL. Nobody wants to spend their first night (or rather, several nights) in a new home with no electricity, no running water and no internet. You deserve a better and more comfortable start to your new life. For that reason, you have to think about your utilities in advance.

To transfer utilities when moving to Elmwood Park smoothly, start by getting organized

You’ll learn quickly that organization is absolutely vital when you’re moving. It is the only way to keep track of everything you need to do and make sure it all gets done right and on time. From researching and hiring the perfect movers Elmwood Park IL to packing and unpacking, everything will be easier if you stay organized. But what does that mean when it comes to transferring utilities?

Man writing a to-do list to transfer utilities when moving to Elmwood Park.
Take the time to get organized – it’s worth it.

Make a list of your current utilities and providers

The first thing you need to do when transferring utilities is to figure out what utilities you’re using currently and who provides them. When talking about utilities, we are typically referring to:

  • electricity and gas
  • water and sewage
  • internet
  • cable or satellite TV
  • telephone
  • waste removal
  • home security

Depending on where you live, you may be getting some of these through your city or county. Most, however, will come from private companies. And in most cases, you’ll be using different providers for different services. Keeping all of them straight in your head won’t be easy. So take the time instead to write down the list of utilities you’re currently enjoying and the provider for each of them. Don’t lose that list among all the moving boxes Chicago you’re gathering for the move either – you’ll need it later.

Transferring vs changing providers

When moving, you have two options for utilities: you can stay with your current provider and simply have them service your new address or you can end the contract with your current provider and find a new one for your new home. The choice depends on a few factors. First, find out if your current providers are even an option at your new location. Then, go down your list of utilities and ask yourself how happy you are with the provider for each of them. Finally, look into other options and compare them to your current situation. Are there cheaper options or better services with other companies? This will help you decide if you should transfer utilities or arrange for new ones.

Electric cables.
Consider all your options for utilities – a new provider might be a good idea.

The process to transfer utilities when moving to Elmwood Park, IL

If you’re planning on transferring utilities, you will need to go through a process that lasts a few weeks. But don’t worry – it’s not too complicated. In fact, we’ve broken it down into five simple steps.

Step 1: contact your providers a few weeks in advance

Regardless of whether you’re transferring utilities or ending a contract, you need to inform your providers of your decision. Filling out all the paperwork, sending it in, working out the conditions of new contracts – it all takes time. So don’t procrastinate on contacting your utility providers. Let them know that you’re moving and ask about your options and the process of transferring utilities. Some utilities require installation at the home so it’s good to leave enough time for that too.

Step 2: pay outstanding balances

Even the most diligent and well-organized of us forget things sometimes. Perhaps one of your bills ended up in your Chicago storage unit before you paid it or maybe you simply didn’t have enough to pay one month and it slipped your mind later on. Either way, you’ll want to sort out all your payments before moving especially if you’re changing providers. So ask about any outstanding balances and pay them before you move.

Laptop and bills.
Make sure all your bills are paid.

Step 3: arrange for utilities through the city and the homeowners’ association

It is sometimes possible to get your utilities through the city or county you’re moving to. If that’s not an option, the homeowners’ association you’re buying into – if there is one – might have other tips. Sometimes, HOA fees cover certain utilities. So these should be your first options as they’re often the best and easiest to set up.

Step 4: set up a schedule to transfer utilities when moving to Elmwood Park with your providers

When moving, you want to have both your old home and your new one liveable as long as you’re there. This means having electricity and running water all through moving day and moving into a home that is fully functional. To achieve that, it is best to plan the transfer of your utilities like this: end the provision of utilities at your current address one day after the move and start your new utilities at your new address one day before the move. Odds are that your relocation will go smoothly and the extra days will be unnecessary. But the risk isn’t worth taking – paying an extra day of utilities won’t set you back too far whereas not having them will definitely be an inconvenience.

Step 5: update your address

Finally, you should remember to update your address and forward your mail to your new address. You can do this very easily on the USPS website. This ensures that your bills are sent to the correct address in the future. And if anything is sent to your old address by accident, it’ll be forwarded to you. Not only will this ensure that you seamlessly transfer utilities when moving to Elmwood Park, but it’ll also be useful for all your regular mail as well.

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