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Crossing far distances only tends to make the moving process more and more complex and challenging. Therefore, it is usually advisable that you find the best long-distance movers Chicago for the job. You want a reliable and licensed moving crew that can handle any challenge you throw at them. And Golan’s Moving & Storage is just one such company, with over 30 years worth of experience and history behind us. We know what it takes, and we have the trained team for the job, and the moving supplies you need. Contact us now for your free moving quote Chicago!

Long-distance movers Chicago
When you’re moving out of Chicago, Golan’s Moving & Storage makes the relocation easy.

At Golan’s Moving & Storage, the focus is on you – our customers. And everything we do is in the effort to please you. The main task of our long-distance movers Chicago is to pay undivided attention to your move, but our goal is to provide you with a positive moving experience. We firmly believe that moving is unrighteously associated with negative feelings, which is most likely due to hiring an inexperienced moving company. And experience in the moving industry is not something our Chicago office movers lack.

Our team of long-distance movers Chicago is experienced in all moving matters

No one can deny that moving is a complicated, time-consuming, and unpredictable process. Sometimes, not even moving companies can deal with the most challenging parts of relocation. But, little do you know that it’s only inexperienced movers who don’t know how to solve the seemingly unresolvable problems. As a Chicago moving company that was established in 1990, with local moving Chicago being the first and basic service, our team can boast with over a decade of experience. Being in the industry for so long means that our local movers have handled and executed thousands of relocations.

It’s that staggering number of relocations that have given us valuable experience. Today, our teams can quickly and efficiently solve any problem and thus ensure that there are no disturbances during your move. Whether helping you with a household or commercial Chicago move, our long-distance moving company Chicago will ensure that everything goes smoothly, effortlessly, and according to the plan.

Household relocation is something we excel at

When it comes to what your family needs during a household move, you should go all out. Hire only the best movers in Chicago, as that’s what your family deserves. In that case, pick up your phone and call us. Being experienced moving experts, we have perfected our moving skills. Our team of long-distance movers Chicago will know how to be both professional and give you the support you need. With the ability to secure all of your items almost effortlessly, all of our customers are provided with a seamless household relocation.

We make corporate relocation effortless and affordable

When it comes to corporate relocation, that’s when things get complicated. Your goal and our job are to move your office without causing a significant disruption to your business. Your business can’t afford to suffer any downtime, and as top-rated moving professionals, we completely understand that. For that reason, our interstate movers Chicago will bring their A-game and amaze you with their punctuality and efficiency.

Our long-distance movers Chicago never question the distance - we can handle it.
For our long-distance movers Chicago, there is no task that is too far or too difficult.

Leave the transportation of your car to our long-distance movers Chicago

Transporting a vehicle (or more of them) is not as simple as one might believe. You need the right equipment and workforce to make it happen without a glitch. Luckily, we have a team of highly-trained professionals to handle transporting your car can be. But, once again, our long-distance movers Chicago will rise to the challenge, and most likely exceed your expectations. With the right equipment and the right set of skills, auto transport Chicago is an easy task for us. Well, as easy as it can be. Just another day in the office for one of the best moving companies Chicago has to offer.

A moving plan tailored to your individual needs is a must

At Golan’s Moving & Storage, we are firm believers in individualism. We fully understand that every move is different, and it comes with its own set of challenges. To surpass those challenges and come out as the winner, our team of long-distance movers Chicago will sit down and make a moving plan tailored to your specific needs. While making a plan, some of the factors we’ll take into account include:

  • The presence or lack of stairs/elevators.
  • The floor on which your apartment is located / the number of stories your house has.
  • The number of rooms and the square footage of your property.

But that’s far from all. It’s the task of our interstate movers Chicago to create a personalized moving experience for you. That will help in many different ways than simply making you feel special. Should you think this is too good to be true, feel free to take a look at our moving reviews and customer testimonials. The fact that we treat you like royalty is one of the reasons the residents of Chicago love us.

We are entirely devoted to your move

Indeed, a company as reputable as Golan’s Moving & Storage is always fully booked. There’s no reason to lie and deny that fact. But, when you put your trust in our long-distance movers Chicago, you don’t have to worry about being neglected. No matter the magnitude of your move or your choice of moving services Chicago, we are always 100% devoted to your move. Our every customer is treated with the respect they deserve, and we wouldn’t accept anything else. Neither should you!

Our long-distance movers Chicago are fully equipped

Our company may have started out with one moving truck only. But, we have long surpassed those days, and, today, we have a fleet of moving trucks. We can relocate even the biggest of mansions, and we certainly have the number of movers to carry out the task. Large and numerous moving trucks are not all we have.

Our trucks are fully equipped for moving
Our long-distance moving company Chicago has all the equipment you need for an easy relocation.

From dollies to moving straps and everything in between, our company is completely equipped for executing your move. And from relocating heavy items and thus preventing moving injuries on your part to packing your valuables, our team of long-distance movers Chicago does it all. But, that’s Golan’s Moving & Storage – here to cater to your needs before, during, and after your relocation! Give us a call and ensure you have the best support on your moving day. You certainly deserve it.

Long-distance movers Chicago, making your out-of-state move easy

We’ll provide:

  • A thorough and accurate moving quote Chicago by our long-distance movers Chicago
  • Professional packing services Chicago for your entire household or any portion of goods you’d like to have professionally packed
  • A detailed inventory of every item we’ll be transporting, from cartons to furniture
  • Single-carrier service meaning Golan’s handles the pick-up and delivery of your goods
  • Professional driver and crew at both origin and destination
  • Timely delivery of your belongings to your new location

We’ve been providing long-distance moving services to our customers since 1990. We’ve moved customers to California, New York, and nearly every state in between. Let us be a part of your relocation experience – contact our business today and secure the services of some of the finest long-distance movers Chicago has to offer!

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