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One of the most important things to know when moving is how much Chicago movers cost. Without such an estimate, and one you can trust no less, you can’t prepare your moving budget. This is obviously a problem because your relocation certainly won’t be as stress-free as you want it if you’re constantly worrying about not having enough to pay for the best moving services. At Golan’s Moving & Storage, we understand how important this step of your moving preparation is. That is why we always provide only the most accurate and reliable moving quotes Chicago. But before you get one, let us tell you more about moving estimates – the more you know about them, the better you’ll understand why they’re important!

Calculator used to determine how much Chicago movers cost.
Find out how much your relocation is going to cost with an accurate and reliable moving estimate.

Estimating how much Chicago movers cost – how does it work?

Moving estimates are an important step in the relocation process. They can help you plan your budget and choose the right movers. But how do they work? They are certainly not arbitrary numbers potential movers give you for how much your relocation will cost. What they actually are is a complex calculation of expected costs based on the specific parameters of your move, which include:

  • the size of the move: the more stuff you have, the more expensive it is to move
  • how long it takes to execute the move: when it comes to local moving Chicago, you’re charged by the hour
  • the distance of the relocation: when it comes to long-distance moving, the farther away you’re moving, the more expensive it is
  • how difficult the move is: a lot of stairs or tight corners in the home can cost you extra
  • when you’re moving: moving during peak season in the summer is more expensive
  • the professional moving services Chicago you’re planning on enjoying: some services are part of the standard package while others cost extra
  • any additional special services you may need: hiring piano movers Chicago, for example, will add to your moving costs

All of this plays a factor in how much your moving estimate will be. It is, therefore, impossible to say with any certainty how much a relocation will cost you. It all depends on your specific situation and how you want to handle it. But a local relocation of a three-bedroom house (10,000 pounds, 7-10 hours of work) will cost you $600-$1,000 on average without any additional services. The same relocation to a long-distance location will cost you $3,400-$4,100. If you get an estimate that is outrageously outside the norm (either too high or too low), you may be dealing with scammers so be careful!

The different types of moving quotes Chicago

Another important thing to remember about Chicago movers cost estimates is that they’re not all the same. There are three types of moving estimates:

  1. non-binding estimate: an approximation of costs; the actual price might be higher or lower depending on how accurate the information movers are making the estimate on is
  2. binding estimate: the exact amount that you will pay for the move, regardless of whether it ends up being bigger or smaller than originally anticipated
  3. binding not-to-exceed estimate: an estimate that gives you the highest possible price you can pay; this price, however, could be lower if your relocation turns out easier

Each of these types of estimates comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one works best for you is up to you to decide. But either way, it’s important to know the differences between them and be sure of the kind of moving quote that you are agreeing to.

Person signing a contract.
Always be sure what you’re signing.

Getting a moving estimate Chicago from Golan’s Moving & Storage: simple, quick and easy!

You can get a moving estimate from Golan’s Moving & Storage online with just a few minutes of your time. We’ll need to know the ins and outs of your move as best as you can tell us: where you’re moving, when you’re moving, how big of a move it is and the like. Let us know if you need storage space in Chicago or if you want help with packing. We will crunch the numbers for you and let you know how it’s looking!

Schedule an in-home estimation of the Chicago movers cost

We have enough experience and knowledge to give you a good estimation of your expected moving costs with the information you provide. But for the most accurate moving quotes Chicago, always schedule an in-home estimate as well! During an in-home estimate, one of our experts will visit your home and inspect it. They will look at your inventory and the layout of the house. Then, they can provide you with an even more reliable estimate in person.

Reliable moving quotes Chicago from reliable movers Chicago

A Chicago movers cost estimate is only as useful as it is reliable. Getting the wrong estimate and relying on it can be worse for your relocation plans than working without an estimate at all! So it’s very important that you can trust the movers you’re asking for the moving quote. Luckily, Golan’s Moving & Storage has an excellent reputation as a reliable, dependable and honest moving company where moving scams never need to concern you. You will only ever get the most accurate and trustworthy estimates from us!

You can trust Golan’s Moving & Storage.

You’ve received a moving estimate Chicago – what now?

Moving quotes Chicago are only one step in the long process of moving. So what do you do after you get one? The next step is to compare the different moving estimates you get from your top choice of moving companies. We are sure you will find that no one offers the kind of competitive prices we do! And once you’re certain that our Chicago movers cost the least while offering the most, you should contact us immediately. We can start working on your relocation as soon as possible, ensuring that your move to your new home is effortless and stress-free!

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