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Moving requires a lot of resources. Not only do you need to plan your budget correctly, but you also need to think about exactly what you will use during the move. Renting a moving truck will cost you some money, as well as using a variety of moving services. However, using packing services is never a bad idea. This is probably one of the toughest parts of any move, so having a helping hand can be beneficial. If you think you can pack yourself, then you should still look into getting reliable moving boxes Chicago. Golan’s Moving & Storage has the perfect offer for you! If you want affordable but premium quality boxes for your move – then it is us you want to call!

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Moving boxes are an important asset to every move!

Why getting good moving boxes Chicago is important

We can tell you a lot about moving boxes. Our packing services Chicago are some of the best in the country, so we can share a lot of useful info about just how important having good boxes is for a move! They are your lifesavers for any occasion! The safety of your items depends by a huge margin on them! So, even though you might want to save up on some boxes and recycle, sometimes, splurging on them is a necessity!

When you pack everything up and load your items in the truck, it is up to the boxes to offer stability. Usually, a moving company will stack the boxes, so if they are not firm and hard, they can crumble easily. What’s more, sharp items can punch holes in bad boxes, and then the insides can spill during the travel. These nasty surprises are the worst nightmare of every person moving! To evade them, you will want to use our premium moving boxes Chicago!

You need sturdy, high-quality cardboard boxes!

What’s more, there are different boxes for different rooms! Sometimes, you will want to go with a sturdy cardboard box, while other times a plastic bin is the best solution. These all have their advantages and disadvantages, and we can help you through them all after you call us! For example, plastic boxes are easier to stack and stable. They also protect items from moisture. However, they are often more expensive, and you cannot recycle them as easily!

We offer a variety of moving boxes Chicago

As we already mentioned above, the best moving companies will offer a variety of moving boxes Chicago that you can use! This is why we have such a huge assortment of things that can solve all your moving problems! First, we have boxes of different sizes! For your books and similarly heavy items, there are small book boxes! We often call medium boxes linen boxes, and for the huge, lighter items there are large boxes. As you can see, we have boxes for any item. All you need to remember is that the heavy ones go into small, and light into large boxes!

Then, we can also offer you specialty boxes! To protect your precious China, we have a dish pack! These boxes will stabilize plates and similar items, and make sure no cracks appear when transporting them! And since cracks in the mirror spell seven years of bad luck – we have special mirror and picture boxes which will prevent this! What’s more, to stop your clothes from wrinkling, you can also use our wardrobe boxes. No matter where you put them – in the truck or a storage Skokie – your clothes will be ready to use when you open them!

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Chicago is waiting for everyone and anyone!

Finally, if you are looking for Chicago office movers, then you also might be glad to use a file box, too. These boxes are sturdy and can take a lot of files with them. You can rest assured that they will be safe and sound with us! But that’s not all – we can also offer amazing packing supplies other than boxes! We have the perfect packing tape for you, as well as great packing paper and shrink wrap that you can use! This way, your items will be safe and sound while you are on the move!

About Golan’s Moving & Storage

Now that you know all about our amazing moving boxes Chicago, it’s probably high time to learn about who we are as a company. Golan’s Moving & Storage is a company with a long history. We started out in 1990 with only four movers and one person running the office. But we had a vision and a clear goal in mind. We wanted to make people across the country happy with their moving experiences.

We are happy to say that we believe we have achieved this. In our thirty years of experience, we grew and developed in many ways. Our workforce became bigger, but also more experienced and professional. We now have more trucks and better, more affordable moving equipment for you – moving boxes Chicago included! However, our goal has remained the same – making you happy and satisfied with your move. That’s why we try our hardest to make this happen. We want Chicago to feel like a welcoming city because we know just how wonderful it is!

So all you really need to do to become a part of our huge family is to call us! We will be there at your service in no time! We can set up a meeting and see what kind of services – as well as moving boxes Chicago you need. From there, it is quite easy to get you moving with no hassle and no stress! Golan’s Moving & Storage is your way to a better moving experience – so don’t waste a second!

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