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At Golan’s moving, customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We staff our headquarters with the most qualified personnel available in the household goods moving industry. Because of this experience, we have the ability to promptly resolve problems that may occur. Golan’s system is comprised of skilled professionals providing excellent origin and

Most people find the notion of relocation difficult to process. With all the tasks you need to handle and all the planning – it can be vexing. However, there are always solutions that can ensure a smooth moving process for you and your family. The decision to hire a professional moving company in Chicago definitely counts among such solutions. And Golan’s Moving & Storage easily enjoys the reputation of the best solution among expert moving companies in the state! With our moving services Chicago on your side, you will have nothing to stress over as far as relocation is concerned. Give us a call today or get a commitment-free moving estimate in a matter of minutes!

Reliable moving services Chicago
Trust in the moving services Chicago that have a 30-year-long history

Getting professional services to help you move has become something everyone does nowadays. People are well-aware of the risks of moving by yourself – from injury to losing or damaging your items – that opting to pay for a moving company’s help is an obvious choice. However, you still need to be careful here! Not all moving services are reliable or trustworthy! Luckily, Golan’s Moving & Storage is here for you! We are the moving company with over three decades of offering moving services Chicago to our clients! If you want to become one of our satisfied customers, then make sure to call us today!

The risks of not getting professional moving services Chicago

We already mentioned that moving by yourself can be risky. But since there are some people who will be moving for the first time, and might be considering the pros and cons of a DIY move, we think it’s a smart idea to take another look at what you gain and lose by not calling a professional moving company.

First, you need to think about safety. This includes both your items and furniture and yourself. When moving to Chicago all on your own, you will be the one picking up your items. If you don’t know how to do it properly, they will be at risk of breaking or getting damages during transport. And if you don’t have insurance coverage, this can cost you a lot. Similarly, lifting heavy boxes and odd items can be dangerous too. Without proper technique or equipment, you can easily hurt yourself. That’s why Golan’s Moving & Storage is here for both packing and moving your items!

Empty home, with just a few moving boxes.
Why risk the safety of your belongings when you have us to guarantee full-service moving.

What’s more, Chicago is a huge city. With around ten million people in the metro area, you can lose your way with ease. We have been working in the Chicago area for thirty years, so we know our way throughout the city like the back of our hands. This, along with logistics and planning we can do for you before the move, are beneficial in ensuring you are satisfied with the moving experience. There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home angry or stressed! You won’t be with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

Who is Golan’s Moving & Storage?

This is a great question to ask! At the end of the day, after deciding you do need moving services Chicago, why should you pick our company over others? Well, the reason for it is that, as we mentioned, we have worked in the Chicago area since 1990. This gives us thirty years of experience in moving. What’s more, our main focus during this time was ensuring that all our clients were happy with the move they got. This dedication to your satisfaction has made us one of the most popular moving companies in Chicago – solely on the words of our clients!

However, we didn’t only stop there! Throughout all these years, we have tried to push for a better moving service, and expand our company in many ways. All of this was with one simple aim – making you happy with the move! Today, we are happy to boast about the variety of moving services Chicago we can offer you:

Residential moving services Chicago

Our residential services are for all those wishing to move their home to Chicago! We can take care of everything from figuring out how the move is going to play out, to dealing with packing and finally transporting your things. While our residential movers Chicago take care of moving your home, you can do whatever you want! If you are tired, then take a day off from the move and relax! If you have some paperwork to chase, you can feel free to do that! What’s more, you can do the toughest part of any move – and take your friends out for coffee to say goodbye!

Happy couple surrounded by moving boxes
Moving with your family will be a piece of cake when you have our moving services Chicago on your side

Commercial moving services Chicago

Commercial moving is for the people moving their office to Chicago. As you can imagine, this is never easy. It differs from moving your home in a lot of ways – and it can often get harder. Here, the key is logistics – and Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago office movers include this type of help as well! We will carefully plan the move with you, delegating the chores evenly with your help, and finally packing everything up. We take care of your sensitive and IT equipment just as well as we do your regular furniture! With us, you will be saving a lot of money, and your business can keep running even on the move!

Packing services

As we already mentioned before, our moving services Chicago also include amazing packing services Chicago! It goes without saying that proper packing is a must during any move. Without securing your items, they will jump around the truck and break or fall out of the boxes! With our help, you can rest assured that your items are safe while in the truck!

Packing resources are just part of our moving services Chicago
Combine the best packing services with top-quality moving boxes and supplies – call Golan’s Moving & Storage

What’s more, what would the best moving services Chicago be without special moving equipment and materials? That’s why you can opt to use our moving boxes Chicago along with our services! This way, we can guarantee the full protection of your items from your home to their Chicago residence!

Storage services

Finally, we can offer amazing storage services Skokie too! Sometimes during a move, you will need some time to get everything in order before bringing your items to your home. That’s when you can use our short-term storage units! You can also go for our long-term units if you are looking for a more permanent solution! All of these are safe and secure, and your items will be protected both from theft as well as moisture and dirt!

Get your free moving estimate Chicago today or call Golan’s!

Golan’s Moving & Storage has the ability to move you from the Chicago area to almost anywhere in the world. We expertly pack and crate your belongings and manage the process from pick-up to delivery. Individual clients and international corporate relocations receive the same dedicated care from our team international moving specialists. And the best of all, getting these amazing moving services Chicago is easy!

Whether you’re moving down the street, across the city, or nationwide, your first call for moving services Chicago should be to Golan’s Moving & Storage. Don’t hesitate to contact our company today and schedule your relocation! We are eagerly awaiting to make your move a pleasurable experience, so don’t waste a second longer!

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