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Like any other bathroom cabinet, your vanity is probably robust and heavy. Not to mention that those are pretty expensive as well. If you want to relocate one, you must have proper professional movers Chicago and a good plan behind it. Luckily, we have a guide on how to relocate one. Relocating a vanity is not hard at all so let us cover this process quickly.

Inspect your vanity first

The first step is to figure out what shape your vanity is in. Hopefully, it is a fairly new one and one relocation won’t make it unstable. But if it does, you will level it correctly after you position it in your new home. Also, your vanity must be empty and ready for relocation. So, inspect it, detach it from the wall, and wrap it in blister packs. It is much safer for the corners and edges if you protect them with corner pads or some kind of foam protector. As for the items that were on top of it and inside, you can place them in one of the moving boxes Chicago and label them adequately. If you do it this way, you will surely have an easier time when you start unpacking.

inspect it first before relocating a vanity
Inspect your vanity first to figure out how to detach it from the wall. Consult professionals if necessary.

Prepare your new environment

When relocating a vanity, you must inspect your new home. Obviously, you will do it anyway, but pay close attention to your bathroom. You must be sure that the wall where the vanity will go is of proper dimensions. Also, you must have enough space to move next to it. And enough space for your local movers Chicago to bring the vanity in. So, take all the measurements of the old and new bathroom to make sure you can bring it in and out without too much struggle.

Relocating a vanity with professional movers by your side

Your local moving company will play a vital role in this relocation. Not only that they will relocate all your belongings and furniture safely, but they can help you with relocating a vanity as well. You can purchase all the packing supplies Chicago from them and prepare for your relocation adequately. But more importantly, movers can help you disassemble and assemble items as well. And when it comes to your vanity, they can help you detach, protect, and relocate it safely. So, find a good moving company online and give them a call to sort it out.

professional moving team
A reliable moving team can relocate anything. Find one and let them handle your vanity.

How relocating a vanity should look like

As we have said before, you will prepare your vanity and the environment. Your moving team should do the rest. But in case you are for some reason relocating the vanity by yourself, the steps for doing it correctly are the following:

  • Prepare a kitchen knife, chisel, and hammer.
  • Use safely your tools to open the top.
  • Reach inside and cut the beads with the knife.
  • Detach the vanity from the wall.
  • Use a crowbar if necessary to detach the cabinet from the floor.

Most vanity cabinets are already built in. In case you have one that is meant to be detached and moved around then you’ll have a much easier time. Whatever you do, do it slowly and patiently. Maybe it would be best to check a video about it online. Or even better, let your movers do it. You decide when the time comes.

Relocating a vanity is complicated just because you can easily damage it while detaching it. We strongly suggest letting professionals cover this one. After all, it is what you are paying them for. Good luck.

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