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You finally made the big move, and you’re just getting adjusted to your new home. Congrats! Moving can seem like a never-ending process of boxes, bags and bubble wrap. And you’re ecstatic about settling into your new place. But don’t get too comfortable just yet. You need to let some people know you moved, and below is a list to get you started.

The essentials

These are the easiest to remember: the post office and your friends and family. Sure, most of our bills are online and shipped to us via email, but we still do get some form of snail mail daily. Be sure to go online and update your address with every major mail carrier. And you can shoot your family and friends a quick email with your new digs as well; they’ll need it for the housewarming!

Financial Institutions

And we’re not talking just about your insurance company, bank and credit union. Every financial company you do business with needs an address update. That includes your credit card companies – including department stores, boutique shops and restaurants (ahem, Starbucks). A few others you need to contact:

  • All your lenders – mortgage, home equity, auto and student loans
  • Retirement pensions plans, 401K, IRAs, social security and veteran affairs
  • And don’t forget Google, PayPal, Mint and any other online bill payer.

Health providers

This should probably be near the top of your list. And the first one you contact should be your insurance company. Next, get in touch with your pharmacy and any hospitals that you’re on file at. Don’t forget to let your primary care physician know. And when the time comes, alert people like your dentist, eye doctor and other specialty physicians.

Even if you’re moving to another area and have to change primary care physicians, it’s still a good idea to update your address with the one you’re saying goodbye to. Send a thank-you card along to any doctor you’ve been with for a while. It’s a small gesture, but such a great way to cut ties.

Memberships, subscriptions and service providers

This list includes a lot of things people forget to update. Maybe you read your favorite magazine online, but still love to get that printed copy each month. Remember to update all of your subscriptions: movies, magazines (USPS will only forward them for 2 months), newspapers, book & music clubs, and mail order houses.

Also be sure talk to the people at your house of worship, health club, and community group. If your kids are in any extracurricular activities, let those organizations know as well. Here are a few others to keep in mind:

  • Any home maintenance service providers: house cleaners, lawn care, pool services, and landscapers
  • Your veterinarian
  • Your childcare provider

We realize this is only a partial list of who you need to tell about your big move, but we hope it gets the ball rolling. Once you’ve contacted all the necessary people, businesses and organizations, you can finally relax and enjoy your new digs.

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