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For many, having a garage or yard sale is part of the move. Since packing involves a lot of cleaning, you will find a lot of stuff that you may no longer need inside your new house. Hence, you decide to sell them off. Also, the extra cash can help you with paying all the necessary expenses during your relocation.



Many businesses know that one of the vital elements to getting the word out about the business venture is to have a good location. If your home is located in a quiet street or in a rural area, perhaps one of your friends or family can let you borrow their garage or yard for a while.


Before, it was quite hard to promote and advertise the upcoming yard sale. You would have to contact radio stations for ads, newspaper and magazine companies, and sometimes even TV stations. Now, with the advent of the Internet and social media, telling the world about your upcoming yard sale is as easy as clicking on the “Post” button. But even though it is quite easy to advertise online, don’t forget that word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the most powerful forms of promotion. So go to your local book club or coffee shop and tell them about the upcoming event.


When setting up prices, it can be very tempting to jack up the price of an object. People are not dumb and they know when the price of an object costs more than their actual worth. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t bring down the price too much as you won’t get any profit from it. Take some time an plan out the prices well before the yard sale date arrives.


Always prepare a money box, or some kind of container, with a lot of change in it. If there is one thing customers do not want is that they have to inconveniently look for change when you don’t. Most of them would just drop off the idea for a purchase than go look for change. So always have small bills and coins at the ready.

If you’re planning out your garage or yard sale and want assistance with regards to packing and moving your stuff, there is a prime way to handle such a situation. Golan’s Moving & Storage is here to assist you in such endeavors from start to finish.

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