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Packing is certainly the single most important task that you have to do if you want to have a nice move. That means that you need good packing supplies that will make sure your items remain in the same condition. Cardboard boxes are the choice for most people out there. However, there are many flaws in getting these boxes for your packing. It does not matter whether you get moving boxes Chicago with professional movers or on your own. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use cardboard boxes for your upcoming relocation. You will definitely be surprised!

A few motives why you shouldn’t use cardboard boxes

  • Durability
  • The weather could damage it
  • Easy to crumble during the move


When packing for a move, you want to use durable packing supplies Chicago. And, if you are going through professionals, you can be sure that your supplies will be of the highest quality. However, this does not mean a lot if you have a lot of items to pack or you do not how to pack. Just imagine what would happen to a cardboard box if you put too much weight in it. It is sometimes to go with alternatives than risk damage to your stuff.

The weather could damage it

If you are moving during the falls or winter when the weather changes all the time, then you should not get cardboard moving boxes for the move. The reason is simple, water can easily damage the box and it can become ineffective in keeping your stuff in the same condition. And yes, you can get the boxes from reliable movers, like Golan’s Moving & Storage, and you will still get the same result.

raining is the time when you shouldn't use cardboard boxes
Bad weather can make boxes weaker

Easy to crumble during the move

It is not as easy but you get the point. When your residential movers come to your door with the truck, they may not be enough room to place everything on the ground. That means that they will have to stack the boxes so that they could fit. However, due to the nature of the cardboard, it can happen for them to crumble under all the weight above.

Okay, you should not get cardboard boxes for your move. What to get instead?

We have to say that not everything about cardboard boxes is bad. It is reusable and you can recycle cardboard boxes in some of the best ways you can imagine. However, if you want to get durable boxes, you should try the plastic ones. They are much more durable and you can be sure that your stuff will survive the move, no matter whether you are moving locally or long distance.

two people placing bottles in the box
Plastic boxes are a great alternative!


We have given you a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t use cardboard boxes. Of course, the choice is yours. You are the one that is calling all the shots so we will leave everything in your hand. Make your choice and have a nice relocation!

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