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When moving, many people think that the best way to save money is to handle things sans moving company. This is a common misconception– many costly situations come up without the help of professionals that could easily have been avoided. The list of why you should hire a professional moving company goes on and on, but here are some of the best reasons to save yourself stress and money in the long run.


Hiring a moving company saves you unimaginable amounts of time that you can spend figuring out how to decorate your new bedroom or adjusting your kids to a move. Between packing up valuables, loading up the truck, transporting your belongings, unloading them and reassembling them, movers are trained to do this all as efficiently and as quickly as possible.


Sure, your old college buds can carry some boxes, but wouldn’t you rather leave your baby grand piano in the hands of pros? Heavy lifting and physical exertion are an unavoidable part of moving, and often result in muscle strains and unnecessary injury when people try to take it on themselves.


Tape, boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap– do you know how much of each you need? With a moving company you never have to worry about that: just let your movers know what you’re moving and we’ll take care of the rest

Renting Issues:

Renting a truck might seem like a good bet, but driving a vehicle with unfamiliar dimensions, packing the back in a way to ensure nothing slides around and dealing with that all on long distances is stressful for anybody. A moving company has people trained in just that: packing and hitting the road safely.


Want to know the beauty of hiring professionals? You decide your timeline and we work within the confines of it (within reason, of course). When moving by yourself it may be easy to be lax on your schedule, but when working with professionals we do not do that. We respect your time, and we work around it.

Besides the above reasons, other factors to contribute are security, special equipment and extenuating circumstances that may arise during the move. When working with a company, particularly Golan’s, our movers are trained to handle whatever may come up and at a moment’s notice. You can breathe easy knowing your move is in our hands.

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