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The pandemic we went through shifted the way we look at things. Until recently, people used to move to urban areas to live the big city life. But with the restrictions and shortage of necessities, people woke up and realized that city life is not as ideal. Big metropolitan cities saw a record decline in population, all in favor of smaller cities, towns, and villages. And whatever your destination is, choose professional movers Chicago that can help you with relocation. This trend is also noticeable in Illinois, where towns like Evanston see a population increase. But, why people move to Evanston?

Basic information about Evanston

As previously mentioned, Evanston is a town in Cook County, Illinois. Around 78,000 residents call this town home, and they love living here. So much so, that the majority commit to buying a home, more precisely 56% of the population. The population of Evanston is young, with the median age being 36.2. The population has grown by 1.39% in the last few years, because of young people hiring Evanston movers. You can also find plenty of entertainment options, like the Halim Time and Glass Museum and Merrick Rose Garden. But apart from these facts, why people move to Evanston? Because it offers benefits like:

  • Affordable housing prices
  • High-quality public schools
  • Excellent location
Picture of a couple investigating the reasons why people move to Evanston
Many young people live in Evanston, and more are coming every day

Housing prices are important

Housing costs are the biggest monthly expense, no matter where you live. But in Evanston, you will get bigger square footage for your dollar. Compared to the national median home value of $245,000, a home in Evanston costs $410,000. It might seem like a lot, but taking into consideration the 18% price increase, this is still affordable. Rent is even more affordable when compared to the national average, at only $1,500 a month. Local movers in Chicago will also relocate you for a reasonable price, to a place where housing costs are affordable. A great combination!

High-quality public schools

Any couple with kids will worry about their kid’s education, even when moving. If you entrust your move to experienced residential movers in Chicago, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Picking a town over a big city might seem like picking low-quality schools, but in Evanston, the situation is completely the opposite. Out of 36 public schools in the area, 23 have grades A or higher.

Good location

Another important thing to consider during your move with Chicago area movers is the location. Since you are thinking about moving to Evanston, then you are likely looking to escape a big city. The downside to living in smaller places is that they tend to get boring. This is not the case with Evanston – our Evanston moving company, along with the residents, enjoy the proximity of this place to Chicago. At only 12 miles away, you get the best of both worlds, peace during everyday life, and the big city feel when you long for it.

Picture of a person driving a car
One of the reasons why people move to Evanston is its great location

Evanston is a great place for you

Taking all the reasons why people move to Evanston into consideration, you can see that it is a neat place. It ranks high in almost every aspect, the same as the city’s most reputable Evanston moving companies. If this information is what you needed to make the decision, then waste no more time and start getting ready for the big move. Good luck!


Mapped: The Growth in U.S. House Prices by State

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