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Illinois has been a popular destination for millennials in recent years thanks to its job opportunities, affordable housing, cultural attractions, and other factors. Illinois offers something for everyone, from Chicago’s bustling city life to the state’s natural beauty and green spaces. In this article, we will explore the key reasons young professionals decide on moving to Illinois. We’ll look closer at the job market, housing options, professional development opportunities, the culture and entertainment scene, public transportation, green spaces, and community networking. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand why millennials choose to move to Illinois, build their lives, and experience everything the state has to offer.

Millennials choose to move to Illinois because of job opportunities

Illinois has a thriving job market, offering plenty of opportunities, which is why many millennials decide to hire Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago IL, and relocate here. The state is home to major industries, such as finance, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing, providing job prospects for millennials at all experience levels. According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the unemployment rate in Illinois is 4.9%. Some companies that offer job opportunities for millennials in Illinois include Amazon, Abbott Laboratories, and Allstate. Additionally, the state has a growing startup ecosystem, with companies like Cameo, Grubhub, and Groupon attracting millennials interested in working in innovative and entrepreneurial environments.

A young professional using laptop
Many millennials choose to move to Illinois because of the job opportunities.

Affordable housing

Here, there is a variety of affordable housing options for millennials. The cost of housing varies by location, with larger cities such as Chicago generally having higher prices than more miniature cities and towns. According to Zillow, the median home value in Illinois is $226,058 as of April 2023. Some of the most affordable cities in Illinois include Joliet, Aurora, and Peoria, where the median home values range from $150,000 to $200,000. Additionally, several neighborhoods in Chicago offer more affordable housing options, such as Austin, Belmont Cragin, and Gage Park.

The cost of rent also varies by location, with larger cities generally having higher rental prices. For example, the average rent for people using residential movers Chicago to relocate to a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago is $1,800 per month, while the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Aurora is $1,300 per month.

Professional development opportunities

There are numerous professional development opportunities for millennials looking to advance their careers in Illinois. The state is home to several universities, community colleges, and vocational schools that offer degree programs and training courses for various industries. In addition to educational institutions, Illinois has several organizations and resources providing professional development opportunities. For example, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce offers networking events, mentorship programs, and educational resources for professionals in the Chicago area. The Illinois Small Business Development Center assists small business owners and entrepreneurs, including workshops and training programs.

For millennials looking to develop skills in technology and entrepreneurship, 1871 is a tech-focused startup incubator that offers coworking space, educational resources, and mentorship programs. Several professional associations in Illinois, such as the Illinois Association of Realtors and the Illinois State Bar Association, provide networking opportunities and continuing education courses for professionals in specific industries.

Culture and entertainment options

Illinois has a vibrant culture and entertainment scene, offering numerous opportunities for millennials to explore and enjoy. The state has a rich history and diverse population, resulting in various cultural and entertainment offerings. Some popular cultural events and festivals in Illinois include the Chicago Jazz Festival, Lollapalooza, and the Illinois State Fair. The state is also home to several renowned museums, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, and the Museum of Science and Industry.

A building with a Chicago sign on it
From sports games to the theatre scene, Chicago offers everything.

In addition to cultural events and attractions, Illinois has plenty of entertainment options, such as professional sports teams. Therefore, whether you need pool table movers Chicago to relocate your pool table or are a basketball lover, rest assured that you will find sports entertainment. Also, Chicago is particularly well-known for its theater scene, with the Broadway in Chicago series bringing popular productions to the city.

Great public transportation

When it comes to the transportation system, Illinois has several reliable public transportation options that make it easy for millennials to get around the state. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) operates the bus and rail systems in Chicago, providing convenient access to all parts of the city. Additionally, many suburban areas in the Chicago metropolitan area have public transportation systems, such as Metra and Pace. And if you decide to hire an auto transportation Chicago company and relocate here with your car, be aware of its traffic congestion, particularly during rush hour and peak travel times.

Outside of the Chicago area, several other cities in Illinois also have public transportation options. For example, Champaign-Urbana has a bus system called the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD), while Peoria has the CityLink bus system.

Green spaces and parks

Illinois has many beautiful green spaces and parks, providing millennials with opportunities to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. The state has a diverse landscape, ranging from forests and prairies to lakes and rivers. One of Illinois’s most famous natural areas is Starved Rock State Park, which is located in Utica and features stunning canyons and waterfalls. Another popular destination is the Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, which has a beautiful beach and dune landscape.

Chicago also has several notable parks, such as Grant Park and Millennium Park, known for their outdoor concerts and art installations. Lincoln Park, the largest park in Chicago, features a zoo, a conservatory, and several museums. Overall, Illinois’ green spaces and gardens provide a peaceful and refreshing escape for millennials, regardless of their outdoor interests.

Community and networking are reasons why millennials choose to move to Illinois

This state has a thriving community and networking scene, offering millennials numerous opportunities to connect with others and build relationships. Its diverse population provides a range of community and social experiences. One of the most popular ways to network and socialize in Illinois is through professional associations and organizations. These groups provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and connect with professionals in various industries. For example, the Young Professionals Network of Chicago hosts networking events and seminars for millennials in the city.

Millennials listening to a speaker
Many millennials move to Illinois because of networking and contacts.

Illinois also has a variety of social and cultural organizations, such as the Chicago Cultural Alliance and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, which provide opportunities to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures. In addition to these groups, Illinois hosts many events and festivals throughout the year that offer opportunities for networking and socializing, such as the Taste of Chicago and the Chicago Pride Parade. Overall, Illinois’ community and networking opportunities allow millennials to connect with others, build relationships, and feel a sense of belonging in the state, which is why many millennials choose to move to Illinois.

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