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Relocation is finally over but now you don’t know what to do with some extra stuff. However, if you decided to rent a storage unit, good for you! We promise that our storage units Skokie are convenient and reliable units that will keep your items safe from rain and dust. Plus, they have 24h surveillance! Still, the main question remains: which supplies to use when packing for storage in Skokie? Well, let us guide you through it.

Do you know which supplies to use when packing for storage in Skokie?

As your trustworthy movers Chicago, we can tell you that knowing which supplies to use when packing for storage can be tricky. You are usually the one obliged to pack your boxes and protect their contents. In this way, you are responsible for the adequate packaging of your items… Except in the case when you request an additional service of packaging. This is something that we charge separately and mark on the receipt form. But – you don’t want your items to break. So if you don’t know which supplies to use, you just may be in trouble.

clothes - supplies to use when packing for storage
If you are wondering which supplies to use when packing for storage in Skokie let us guide you through it.

What you should know about packing supplies

In order to choose appropriate packaging supplies, you have to know the type, nature, content, shape, size, weight, and value of your items. You can always consult us on which type of moving boxes are the best for your items. Of course, let us know you will be placing them in storage, so we can help you choose.

Can you just use cardboard boxes for all your items?

Well, not really. Cardboard boxes are great for packing almost everything: from clothes to documents and written announcements… But not all items. Of course, be sure to glue the boxes in the proper way. As we said, there are some items that need additional care when packaging.

Let us know you will be placing them in storage, so we can help you choose the right supplies.

Here is some general advice:

Glassware and other fragile items

Pack them in a hard box filled with a suitable protective material, ie wrapped in a protective material (styrofoam, hard sponge, crackling protective foil, etc., depending on the content). Of course, when looking for reliable moving services Chicago, let your movers know you have a lot of glassware or fragile items. With this, always use hard cardboard boxes. Adequate packaging should prevent any friction or impact during transport, either between objects or between objects and the walls of the box, to ensure full security of the items.


Always seal liquids in liquid-tight containers. Each container is placed in a special box in which there is a suitable protective material for absorbing liquids in case of damage to the container. The lid of the box closes tightly so that it cannot be opened. Still, talk to your movers before storing any liquids in the storage unit.

Soluble substances (such as lubricants, liquid soap, creams, resins, etc.)

These items must be closed in the special packaging (box, canvas bag or plastic bag) and then in a box made of wood, metal, solid plastic or some other material to prevent content from leaking out.

Various types of dry powders

First, place them in a container (box, bag) made of metal, wood, resistant plastic material or cardboard. These containers must be placed in a solid box, made of wood, metal, plastic, etc., and the space between the boxes must be filled with sawdust or some other protective absorbent material.

Keep in mind

You always need to talk to your movers first if you have any doubts about what and how to pack for your storage unit in Skokie. If the employee thinks that your items are not properly packed, they may refuse to put your items in storage. You will also need to agree to terms of service and that you are responsible for the adequate packaging (if you do it on your own).

Talk to your movers first if you have any doubts about what and how to pack for your storage unit.

If you try to store items prohibited by the provisions of the law, storage providers are obliged to immediately notify the competent authority. After that, they need to deliver those items to the competent authority with a record of the contents. The moving company always reserves the right to refuse to accept all items that do not meet the conditions for providing storage service in terms of prohibited content.

Few tips that you can always use when storing items:

  • Choose the size of the box according to the contents. Empty boxes will probably flatten and overfilled ones can tear up.
  • Always use quality materials to pack your items for storage.
  • Consider strength, protection, and durability when choosing a wrapping material.
  • Choose corrugated cardboard boxes with good quality exteriors.
  • Use durable two-ply cardboard for valuables.
  • Use cushion materials, especially to prevent the contents of the package from moving.
  • Use strapping, if appropriate, as a good way to close and secure your box. Use strong adhesive tape if the binding machine is not available.
  • Make sure that liquids are in non-leaking containers and packed in a light, strong, inner material (eg. styrofoam), and sealed in a plastic bag.
  • Seal semi-liquid, greasy, or strong-smelling substances with duct tape, and then wrap them in the grease-resistant paper.
  • Use “up arrow” markings for non-solid materials.
  • When you use the box again, remove all labels and stickers. Make sure that the box is in good condition and not torn out.
  • Remember that bad or wrong packaging can damage the surrounding things.

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