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When moving house, lots of people need to rent some storage. Fortunately, most moving companies, among which is Golan’s Moving & Storage too, offer such services. So you don’t have to deal with it alone as there are professionals who can take care of your belongings. However, caution is always an advantage. A large number of items require climate control when storing and can easily be damaged. That is why you should choose reliable movers, who will provide you with a storage unit of good quality.

Common mistakes while storing things

Many people take storage for granted and don’t think of the conditions inside units. For example, if you choose some storage Skokie has to offer, you should pay attention to a few tricky things. In order to prevent mistakes from happening, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Do not leave your belongings in storage if they aren’t safely packed.

  2. Think carefully if there are some items that need climate-controlled storage.

  3. Ask yourself if the belongings stored can be damaged there.

  4. Plan on time how you will store and arrange the stuff.

  5. Carefully pick a company whose services you are going to use.


A box of toys on a dolly in storage
Some items need temperature-controlled conditions, whereas some of them can do with ordinary cardboard boxes.

What are the features of climate-controlled storage?

Storage with temperatures that can be maintained and controlled is simply called climate-controlled storage. The temperature is usually between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not only about temperature but also humidity. When they are both steady, there is no moisture. Therefore, the things that need climate-controlled storage don’t get damaged. Also, it is important to know that normally indoor storage units have this feature, unlike the outdoor drive-up ones.

How to know which items require climate control when storing?

It is OK if you don’t know the answer to his question. There are three ways to get to the right answer. First, you can read this article on the things that require climate-controlled storage. Second, you can do your own research and find it out. Third, you can ask your Skokie or Evanston movers to give you some advice and support when it comes to this dilemma. Anyway, one is for sure. You ought to know it if you want your belongings to stay safe. 

Furniture items that need climate-controlled storage

At first, you wouldn’t think of furniture as something that can be easily damaged by exposure to different temperatures. However, any item of furniture that is made from wood, metal, leather, upholstery, or wicker is susceptible. These items require climate control when storing and wrong conditions can wreak havoc on the furniture structure. This is particularly important when you disassemble antique furniture and bring it to storage. 

Wooden items can warp, break, or rot. Metal pieces may break and warp too. Moisture affects leather and upholstered stuff, causing them to lose color, or tear at some parts.

Electronic things that require climate-controlled storage

All appliances and electronic devices must be stored in special storage units with temperature control. They are extremely sensitive items, and not only can you damage them physically but also their system and software. These are the things that require climate-controlled storage because moisture and rust can destroy them. The most susceptible ones include TVs, computers, video and audio equipment, etc. 

Besides, all media are sensitive. For that reason, make sure to protect your CDs, DVDs, cassettes, vinyl records, videos, etc.

Some items require climate control when storing, like cassettes
Some people still have old cassette tapes, which do not support temperatures that are out of ordinary.

Paperwork, documents, and books

Needless to say, paper is one of the most sensitive materials. All documents, books, photos, etc. are some items that need climate-controlled storage because they can degrade. That way you can lose them as they will become illegible. They can also fade and discolor. For that reason, choose a unit where you can prevent humidity.

Clothing items require climate control when storing

In order to keep clothes dry and away from mold and mildew, temperature-controlled units are the best. This refers to delicate items of clothing in particular, such as fur, leather, or lace clothes. Also, plastic storage bins might suffice, but they are not always enough. Furthermore, the unit must be clear of insects and lots of dust. If not so, moths can appear and severely damage your clothes.

Collectibles, artwork, and music instruments

No matter what material your belongings are made of, the main idea is they should be safe if you want them undamaged. These items require climate control when storing so that they can stay fresh and without any damage. They include stamps, comics, coins, paintings, sculptures, pianos, guitars, violins, and many more things of these kinds. 

So what can happen to this stuff? Humidity can start the oxidation in coins, which might ruin them. Stamps, comics, and paintings might fade and degrade. Depending on the material, sculptures and musical instruments can crack, warp, rust, or even break. Some of these damages are irreparable, which means your belongings will stay damaged forever. 

A couple looking at photos , with moving boxes around them
We all have valuable memories that are not safe in usual cardboard boxes. Some of them need additional protection and steady room temperatures.

Make-up and medical supplies

Pharmaceuticals and beauty products are made of chemicals. Most of them don’t support lower or higher temperatures. If not stored well, they can degrade. That’s why they belong to the list of things that require climate-controlled storage units. What’s more, they can degrade and dissolve, which can cause leaking out of the containers. That way, they can damage other items stored inside.

To conclude on which things require climate control when storing

All in all, you will need some time to think carefully about everything. Here are some questions you might ask yourself in order to conclude which items require climate control when storing:

  1. Can your items become mold and mildew?

  2. Will moisture make them deteriorate, discolor, warp, or crack?

  3. Are they sensitive to cold or heat? Will they resize in such conditions?

  4. Is there any belonging that is really expensive or that has high sentimental value?

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