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No matter where you decide to move, you must plan everything out. From the location, figuring out what to pack, to selecting a mover. When you take all of this into mind, you realize that moving is a very stressful task. One of the main reasons for these worries is the budget and all of the things that can affect it. Will you have enough money to cover everything? Will you have any unplanned expenses? Can you find reliable and affordable movers Chicago on time? Luckily, a lot of those questions have pretty simple answers. So once you figure out all of that, the next thing on your list is the location. You have chosen Chicago as your new home town, but Chicago is a big city. You have your eye on the most affordable Chicago neighbourhoods, and we are here to present a few of them to you.

Chicago has many neighborhoods, and the rent varies between them.

Those who are even remotely familiar with the Windy City will tell you that it is massive, with a lot of neighborhoods. Given that fact, it is no surprise that even the longtime Chicagoans have a hard time remembering each corner of this wonderful city. Your goal is to find a good neighborhood, which fits your desires, as well as your budget. Chicago has many different areas to offer, and they vary in price a lot. Here, we will tell you about a few most affordable Chicago neighbourhoods. We will cover the prices, the areas themselves, and what you can expect from them.

Albany Park is an amazing mix of cultures

So, you love experiencing different things in life and learning about other cultures? Albany Park is the perfect place for you. It offers many different shops and thriving commercial areas going along the Lawrence and Kedzie streets. Because of that, you won’t have to worry about convenience. More importantly, however, it is a vibrant center of immigrant culture, covering the northwest side of the city. As far as the rent goes, a median one-bedroom apartment will set you back between $800 and $900.

a train
Public transport is excellent and the trains are not overcrowded

Even though Hispanic immigrants make up most of the population, you will encounter many more different ethnicities. Public transit has good coverage, and the city’s brown line ends in this neighborhood. There are plenty of stops and the transit is not crowded. You won’t find a lot of bars in Albany Park, but Mexican, Mediterranean, Japanese and Korean restaurants are plenty. Albany Park is a beautiful and affordable neighborhood, and residential movers Chicago will get you there fast. Often, you will see signs with four or five languages on it. Having so many cultures around is amazing and you will travel the world without even leaving Chicago.

Avondale is another one of the most affordable Chicago neighborhoods

Avondale is an old industrial neighborhood. It is affordable and mainly populated by working-class citizens. However, Avondale has so much to offer when it comes to food and cooking. Because of this, Avondale is receiving more and more new people. On average, the rent in this area is around $850, but as we already said, due to so many people coming it, that price might soon change. Avondale was once the center of the Chicago Polish area, but the neighborhood changed over time. Since it used to be an industrial area, many Hispanic and Mexican families have lived there for a long time. As such, they have shaped Avondale into what it is today, a cultural and culinary hotspot.

In Avondale, food is the soul of a community

You will find many Mexican restaurants and street stalls, but it is also worth mentioning the famous Kuma’s Corner, a heavy metal burger joint. Recently, a few promising restaurants such as The Parachute have appeared, offering new experiences to the food lovers. The nightlife still hasn’t reached Avondale, except for a few local bars running for a long time. Since Avondale is on the edge of city limits, the public bus service will be your lifeline, otherwise, you will have to hike everywhere. One of the good things to know about Chicago is that public transport is widely available. Avondale has changed a lot over the years, yet it still has a lot of the classic mom and pop shops that people love. It is a fine mix of old and new, and all of the new spots are pretty promising.

Bridgeport, the other city center

Bridgeport is a gritty neighborhood, home to many blue-collar citizens, and many Chicago mayors as well. It has a long-standing reputation of being the second city center, dedicated to the working population. If you want to live here, you will have to set aside around one thousand dollars to cover the cost of the rent. What you will find here, is a mix of old-school Italian and Irish workers, with many stories and knowledge to share. These days, they share the neighborhood with a younger generation that wants to know how good the rent is, and how strong the culture is. This makes Bridgeport one of the most affordable Chicago neighborhoods, and the most interesting ones as well.

most affordable Chicago neighbourhoods- a street
Bridgeport is a tough neighbourhood with a rich history

Bridgeport shares its territory with Chinatown, so there are a lot of things to experience, both in terms of food and entertainment. Schaller’s Pump stands out as one of the oldest bars in the city, dating back all the way to 1881. With the strong presence of Italian culture, you will find a lot of traditional bistros and delis. Mix this together with the influence of Chinatown, and you have a wonderful culinary experience waiting for you on every corner. Public transit is great, as the Halsted bus line runs right down the center of the area. There are also the Red and North Line, heading east and north respectively. Bridgeport is certainly one of the most affordable Chicago neighbourhoods and the old school community makes it feel like a city within a city. Everyone knows and respects each other, giving Bridgeport the ultimate neighborhood feel.

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