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Congratulations, you have made it to Chicago! Living in this city is a dream for many and you are there. As amazing as it is, it can also be intimidating. Once some professional movers Chicago leave, anxiety might creep in. If you are just starting to live alone, you might ask yourself where to meet new people after moving to Chicago. Moving often includes leaving your friends and family behind, in search of something new. But making new friends is not as easy as it sounds. Going out to the right places might make it easier though, so let’s dive in.

Where are you supposed to go to meet new people after moving to Chicago?

After moving with some residential movers Chicago, you might feel lonely, now that you are in a new city. Even though it might take a bit of time to meet new people after moving to Chicago, it will happen. With time, you will make new acquaintances and good friends. The best places to make new friends are:

  • Be a volunteer
  • Join a dance class
  • Take your dog for a walk in the park
  • Go to bars
Picture of a handshake
You never know where you can meet new friends

Be a volunteer

Even though you might think that this is something only young people do, there can be exceptions. You don’t have to invest too much time if you don’t have much. A few hours a month are more than enough. Apart from making you feel happy with yourself for helping, you will also meet like-minded people. Moving to a new place with the help of moving boxes Chicago will seem less scary if you have a cause that you dedicate to.

Join a dance class

If you are a fan of dancing, this might be a brilliant way for you to make new friends. Apart from getting in a few hours of exercise weekly, you will be able to communicate with people who share your passion. Maybe you can even find someone to whom you can donate your packing supplies Chicago for their upcoming move.

Take your dog for a walk

When moving with a dog you can easily get caught up in the moving process and forget to put enough attention to your furry friend. The best way to get back on track with them is to take them for regular walks. If you go to the park, you will for sure meet people who are doing the same. From there on, it will be easy to start a conversation while your four-legged babies are playing.

Go to bars

One of the easiest and likely most fun ways to get to know new people is to go out. The place doesn’t matter, as long as you are having a good time. You will look much more attractive and approachable if you are having fun, so that should be your main priority. If all else fails, at least you will be able to say that you had a blast.

Picture of a party
Don’t forget to have fun

Conclusion on where to meet new people after moving to Chicago

As you can see, if you want to meet new people after moving to Chicago, you will have to leave your new home. In a city where you don’t know anybody or anything, it might be tempting to stay in. Apart from feeling homesick, you won’t be able to meet many people within your own 4 walls. We wish you plenty of fun!

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