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When you’re planning on moving, many ask themselves as to when would be the best time to look for a new job? What’s the best way to do a job hunt long distance? Also, how much in advance should you start a job search? Read on to find top tips to assist you in searching for a job when you’re moving.

Top Tips to Follow When Job Searching When You’re About to Move

First of all, take note that the amount of lead time you need in order to secure a new job in the new location will depend on a number of factors. For instance, take note of the demand for your own skill set and your experience, as well as the supply of jobs at your level and in your occupation in the new area. These will all make a difference when you’re looking for job opportunities from a long distance.

Also think about general economic conditions that are currently impacting the labor market in the new locations, as well as your desired salary level. There are also other variables that can make a difference in how long it takes for you to find work in the new place.

But it does not mean that you have to go back-and-forth to the new location just to search for a new job. This is not at all feasible, especially when you’re moving to a faraway city. Since technology has been very good, you will find it at your best interest to make use of it. As such, use the power of the Internet to get a head start on the jobs that you’re looking for. Searching around the World Wide Web on job opportunities that can be found in the new city is ideal. You can even start out by sending an email of intent to your desired employer for them to know that you’re interested for a certain job position.

But what about your current employer? This is another factor to consider as you might not know how your current boss will react when you tell them about your relocation plans. If you think that your employer will completely understand and not remove you from the business establishment prematurely, then it can be advisable to share them what your intentions are in advance.

It is also important to be careful on how you mention your move within your cover letter. If you are located in a career field and you are planning to a move to a city wherein there are already many locals who are also qualified applicants within the same field as you, then you might be screened out real quick. In fact, there are even some job opportunities with concrete descriptions that clearly state that only local candidates should apply.

But when you already found that job that you’re looking for in the new location, then the next step is how you can move ahead with your relocation plans. For better assistance for your packing, moving, and storage, do call Golan’s Moving & Storage for all your relocation needs.

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