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When you move to a far away place, there’s a lot of roles to play and handle. Packing comes first, so the lead task is to successfully pack your entire household. To pack most effectively, you should make a decision what to pack first and what last when moving long-distance. The most valuable help on this journey comes from reliable moving company. It’s essential to have moving-savvy helping hands during relocation, so your belongings are packed and transferred swiftly and with care.

Man sitting among packing boxes
Make a priority when packing for a long distance move

Sort which items to pack first and which last

Long distance moving will go more rapidly if you’re well-organized. No matter how far away you’re going, efficient packing plan is crucial. As you’re aware, some items will have priority over others when it comes to packing process, depending on their purpose in your life. Great support in deciding what to pack first and what last comes in form of moving boxes Chicago, the best packing supplies service! It will save you loads of time to book reliable packing containers for all your items. Check out the list of item categories you’re likely to pack before deciding what goes first and what last:

  • personal belongings are the top priority when packing for a move to a distant place
  • valuables and pricey home decoration
  • furniture and home appliances
  • clothes and shoes
  • bedding and sheets
  • rugs and curtains

When you review the list, you can see what you feel like packing first and what last. Some of the items will naturally climb at the top of the list.

What you need the least comes first and vice versa

It may sound strange, but the things you use less frequently should be boxed first. That’s because the first items you reach out for won’t be things you don’t use everyday. Think about packing items in reverse, meaning the things you need the least should be packed first. No matter how big household you need to transport to a new home, long distance movers Chicago will have all hands on deck until the relocation is done! Lay back and start sorting your items with your mind at ease.

Personal stuff and essential bag

Packing the most personal items seem too obvious as they always travel closest to you. But make sure not to forget important documents, papers, money, phone with charger, and everything that goes in your purse. In the midst of packing chaos, don’t take anything for granted.


A man on a couch with the phone
Keep close to you all items you need for cozy first night

Another topmost bag you should have near you is the one with your essential things. These include toiletries, pillow, blanket, some canned food, coffee..See the pattern here? Continue the list with the items you’ll need first thing when you get to your new home location and spend the first night in. Since you’re moving long distance, you’ll be way too tired to do the unpacking as soon as you move in. Therefore, it’s handy to have the necessary stuff for the first day or night to go.

Items that go in the boxes first for a long haul move

It’s unlikely that you’ll need robust furniture first thing you move in. It’s a must when it comes to filling up interior with all your amazing stuff, but not the immediate must have. Similar to furniture, box large home appliances and bulky objects that consume a lot of space earlier than other items. Get a packing service and chose only the best-quality materials for the move. Pack the bulky articles among the first items when moving long distance. They’ll travel safe at the back of the moving vehicle as you’ll be unpacking them last.

The same applies for heavy bedding, mattresses and sleeping items that don’t fit your essential bag. Store them safely in the rear part of the truck when moving long distance. What you need the most will find its place in the top-priority bag that’s always at your disposal. That rug will look amazing when in your new sitting room, just like these breathtaking curtains! Just protect them well while moving and they will be comfortable among the backside boxes during the move.

Man putting moving boxes inside the vehicle
The boxes in the rear get unpacked last.

Secure wardrobe and accessories when moving long-distance

When it comes to these items, it’s more important to pack them securely than rate them on the packing list. You’ll be carrying clothes for change in your essential bag and protect the rest by putting them in a special box. Accessories and jewellery can go in a separate containers. More expensive items and other valuables can still travel safely if you hire a moving agency, but you can also carry the most special ones close to you.

Changing your home is not a light switch, especially when you move long-distance

Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ to some items you imagine at the top of your packing list. If the likelihood of using them after moving is near zero, think twice whether they deserve place among top boxes. Instead, you can find ways to recycle them or simply leave behind. Passing a long distance to your new home also means getting rid of unnecessary things. Why keep not using the same stuff in a new home?

Moving long distance is a perfect time for decluttering

You have all these things you haven’t seen in years, so why bringing them along when relocating? Instead of pilling them up in a new home, start planning household packing far in advance. That way, you’ll have enough time to decide what you’re leaving behind or giving away. There are various ways for disposing off the items you no longer need, and we want you to start a new life with a clean slate!

In the sea of moving actions, clear packing vision is crucial to carry out the entire move smoothly. With the professional assistance, you’re not alone on the journey to a new, far away home. You’ll have plenty of time to think what to pack first and what last when moving long-distance if you put energy into the right place. With all the help you’ll have with transport and packing, feel free to loosen up a bit and focus on making items selection.

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