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We put a lot of emphasis on tips to remember for the moving process, but something often overlooked by stressed out packers is making sure they have the right packing tools. All too often people remember they’re missing something vital (like masking tape) when they’re smack dab in the middle of their project. Avoid stress, annoyances and angry outbursts by making sure you have these supplies on hand:


Do we even need to explain why? Get boxes from large stores like Wal-Mart or Target or ask your local liquor store or office-supply store. When moving glassware, be on the lookout for boxes with partitions to help protect against breakage. For your convenience, you can just get in touch with our movers and arrange boxes of different sizes.

Basic Tool Kit

For quick furniture assembly and disassembly.

Bubble wrap, Masking Tape, & Labels

To ensure your valuables are safely stored and won’t get lost

Large Trash Bags

Forgetting these is one of the most annoying things that will happen as you’re unpacking in your new home. Buy more than you think you’ll need—chances are high you’ll use them all.

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