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Moving is almost always stressful, time-consuming, and costly. But even if you organize like a pro, there are always chances for unfortunate events. There can be injuries, theft, misplacement, and more. But one of the scenarios is where your movers do not show up on time. What to do when your movers are late? Should you panic, call your movers, switch to another moving company, or do something else entirely? Let us explain why this can happen and what to do in this situation.

Do not panic

You can never be 100% sure that you have completed all moving-related tasks. If your movers are late, this is the unique opportunity to take a breather or go again over your moving checklist. There are surely a few things you can do while waiting for movers. And yes, it is easier said than done, but you must stay calm in this situation. If your Chicago area movers are failing to pick up your items on time, there must be a valid reason for that. The only reason you should frown upon them is if they forgot or took over a more important client. This will likely never happen, but still, do not panic until you figure out what is going on.

A person panicking as symbol of what to do if your movers are late
Do not stress out or panic. Your movers surely have a valid reason for being late.

Usually, movers are late due to heavy traffic, vehicle malfunction, or force majeure. Either way, you will be glad that this happened while your items are safely tucked inside your home. And again, while waiting, you should try to relieve the stress rather than build it up. Go over your boxes again and make sure everything is in a good shape.

Your movers are late, but how much?

If your affordable movers Chicago are being late for more than 30 minutes, you can give them a call. This is the obvious thing to do but do not panic straight away. Give them enough time to process everything. Their dispatcher will call the driver and if there is a tricky situation, the last thing they need is you panicking over the phone and making this situation even worse. Although, if your movers are late for more than 30 minutes and up to an hour, you have every right to get everyone on their feet. Your time and money are valuable after all, and at that point, you must know if the pickup will happen or not.

What are your options?

So, the first thing you should do is to go over your moving contract. Maybe you have missed something. It can easily happen that you have read it wrong, and your movers are actually on time. You have been waiting for them to arrive one hour earlier instead. When you confirm the time and the date, you should call your movers to figure out what is going on. Go with them again through the details, such as services you booked, moving quotes Chicago movers have given to you, and especially the time and the date of pickup/delivery. Even though your quotes have nothing to do with your movers being late, you should drag it through the conversation because your time is valuable as well. If your movers are considerably late, they should give you a small discount or reimburse you for the time lost. Some kind of compensation would be nice, would you agree?

man stressing out
Stay calm if your movers are late and work on your options. Be ready in case your movers do not show up at all.

What kind of service have you purchased?

One situation where you should panic and call your movers straight away is if you have purchased specific moving services. For example, if you are not packed at all and you have purchased packing services Chicago, you are expecting your movers to pack everything in a timely manner. If they are being late, you will obviously be worried because the entire relocation can take much longer than expected. Especially if you are moving during winter when nightfall is considerably earlier than during summer.

And the same goes for piano moving, office moving, or any kind of relocation where expensive items are involved. Moving during the night is ten times more dangerous than moving during the day. So, if your movers are late and you know they will stay on site much longer, act straight away.

You can call another moving company

Yes, this is the option as well. If you have the scenario we explained above, you should definitely consider this option. Although, you will make a decision once you talk to the moving representative. Based on the information you have obtained, you will either wait, reschedule, or call a different moving company. If your movers had an accident and they can’t relocate you today, then you should shift your attention to another moving company. There are last-minute moving crews out there. They might be expensive, but they are considerably cheaper than rescheduling everything. So, if the unlikely scenario is upon you, call last-minute movers and they will be on-site within 30 minutes.

a woman talking over the phone
You can always mend the situation by calling a different moving company. Last-minute movers are always standing ready.

And what if your movers are late for the delivery?

Ok, in most situations movers are late while delivering your belongings. Simply because there are higher chances for mishaps while the vehicle is loaded. They can be sidetracked by the police or by the road accident which blocked the highway. Your vehicle can be stuck in traffic for hours until everything is cleared out. Another scenario is where there are misplacements, malfunctions, or something more serious inside a warehouse where your tuck was. But if you have a deal with your movers to deliver your items straight away, there shouldn’t be any warehouse involved.

All in all, the same situations can happen no matter if your movers are picking your thing up or delivering. With an addition of a warehouse scenario of course. Either way, you shouldn’t panic and give them time to call you or arrive later than agreed. Everything below one hour is acceptable if they have a valid reason for it. Expect a high-traffic excuse 99% of the time.

Be prepared for the scenario where your movers are late

Now you know what to do if your movers are late. The most important thing is to avoid panicking. Clear your head and get on with your relocation. After everything clears out, you can write a helpful moving review or a bad one. It depends on how everything turned out. Good luck and we wish you to have a stress-free relocation. Above all, a relocation that is executed safely and on time.

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