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If you are having a plan to relocate from Northbrook to Skokie, this is the right place for you. In this article you will find interesting things about Skokie, and also what to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie. We all know that relocating is an overwhelming process for most of us, and it can be so challenging. If you are having obstacles with your relocating plan you should consider calling Golan’s Moving & Storage for a free estimate and help with moving and packing.

As we mentioned, here you will find a lot of interesting things about Skokie and Skokie’s lifestyle, so make yourself comfortable and stay with us. Let’s start with the differences between Northbrook and Skokie because that seems like the most important thing to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie.

Differences between Northbrook and Skokie

If you are planning to relocate your whole life from one place to another, first of all, you should know their differences. The distance difference between Northbrook and Skokie is 12 miles, and that is 15 minutes of driving. We can all agree that distance is not the problem, so if you ever get nostalgic you can always sit in the car and get to the Northbrook from Skokie.

Northbrook is so close to Skokie that you will need to drive only 15 minutes if you ever feel nostalgic.

Now we can move on with our investigating differences between Northbrook and Skokie, so let’s get on the Northbrook.


As we all know, Northbrook is a Chicago suburb located at the northern edge of Cook County, Illinois, on the border of Lake County. People here say that this is an amazing place to live and they also have a strong community and safe environment. Northbrook has a suburban atmosphere, so it’s ideal for a family with kids.

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Many people think that Skoki is also a suburb, but Skokie is much more than just a suburb. What it is, in reality, is a village in Cook County. Despite this, it shares a southern boundary with Chicago. Evanston is Skokie’s eastern boundary, but both are served by the Chicago Transit Authority. As a result, it provides good transit and access to the city to its 64.000 population. Skokie is a culturally diverse hamlet, with an arts center, a strong immigrant past, a fantastic public library, and much more.

house price is on the list to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie
One more advantage of Skokie is the median home value. Keep reading and you will be amazed by this Village.

You can see that there is a lot of differences between Skokie and Northbrook, but the main thing is that the median home value in Northbrook is about $534,800 and the median home value in Skokie is $318,800. So that seems like a big difference in the prices of households, and this is on our list of what to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie.

Important things to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie

Now when we are familiar with some differences between Northbrook and Skokie, here you will find a list of things to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie. Some of these things are amazing and you will absolutely adore them.

  • History of Skokie
  • Median Home Price 
  • Education chances 

History of Skokie

Skokie is a place with an amazing history. Here you will find some of the most important facts about Skokie Village. The word Skokie comes from the Potawatomi Native American language. This is their name for “marsh” or “swamp,” and it refers to the Potawatomi settlements that once lined the Chicago River’s north bank. The terrain on which the settlement presently stands was formerly primarily swampy prairie with a smattering of woods. Skokie was known as Niles Center until the 1940s. The region was initially settled in the 1850s by immigrants from Luxembourg and Germany, and it was agricultural until the 1920s. The arrival of a train in Skokie in 1925 triggered an era of growth. Because of the Great Depression, development came to a halt, but it resumed in the 1940s.

Median Home Price

An important and interesting thing about life in Skokie Village is the median home value, which is $318,800. You should consider this before moving from Northbrook to Skokie. This could be a great reason for relocating to Skokie because the median home price in Northbrook is $534,800. As we mentioned in previous paragraphs this is a big difference and the lifestyle in Skokie is also so different that you won’t believe it.

If you are looking for a place to rent in Skokie, that is not the problem. You can easily find amazing apartments to live in, and they are very modern and stunning. Maybe you will need help with your relocating process, and you could check out moving companies in Skokie, IL.

Education is a big thing to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie, IL

Well, what we can say about Skokie’s education. If you have kids, this place can be a place with so many choices for their education. Skokie is a well-known place with great public schools such as Fairview South Elementary School, and John Middleton Elementary School.

college library
One of the greatest advantages of Skokie is their colleges and universities, but they also have great elementary schools and high schools.

If you are looking for a high school for your children you can take research on Niles North High School and Niles West High School. If your children are old enough and they are thinking about college, they also have a lot of chances in Skokie. Here is the best college list that we can recommend to you in Skokie:

  1. Hebrew Theological College
  2. Midwest College of Oriental Medicine
  3. Everest College Skokie
  4. Computer System Institute

Life in Skokie is great

All we can say is that life in Skokie is amazing. Skokie is a great place to be, and it doesn’t matter if you are on your own or you are having a family. This place is a place where you can find a lot of chances for development and growth. We are hoping that we have helped you with things to consider before moving from Northbrook to Skokie. Also, if you need help with your relocating process, and you need someone to unpack you, you can always check packing service Chicago for more help.

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