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Have you decided to move to a new city or area to start your new life? Relocation is often a way of one person wanting to start fresh. However, when deciding to do so, one must choose a good place to live. On top of that, that place should provide you with all the things you require to create a functional and good life. Today, we talk about things people need to know about Elmwood Park before moving there. If you require help with the relocation process, you can always contact a professional moving company to help you with all the aspects of the move you need. Besides the relocation experience, you should also condone your own research to learn as much as you can about the new place you are going to live in.

What you need to know about Elmwood Park

With a population of about 24.500 residents, Elmwood Park is a suburb located in Cook County, IL. It is about 10 miles away from the Chicago area and is a place that contains a lot of coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Most residents in this suburb own their homes. The area provides a great urban-suburban mix feeling for the residents. Apart from that, the things that set Elmwood Park apart from other suburban areas are:

  • Easy commute
  • Affordable housing
  • A perfect place for food enthusiasts
  • Above-average schooling system
  • Safety above everything
an aerial view of suburban areas of Chicago
Elmwood Park offers a great small community lifestyle with the big city just a couple miles away

The suburb of Elmwood Park keeps developing each year and more and more people seem to fluctuate to it. In the paragraphs below, we will try to learn why is that.

Easy commute

The first thing that we want to mention is commuting in the area. Namely, as it is only 10 miles away from the Chicago area, commuting from Elmwood Park is very good. This is also one of the reasons why many people are showing interest in this area. Being about 20 minutes away from downtown Chicago, the suburb provides a peaceful place to live in a small community, with the big city being very close. This is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the big town rush and enjoy a peaceful and quiet lifestyle. If you find this appealing and want to experience living in the suburb, you can contact moving companies in Elmwood Park to help you with the relocation process.

Affordable housing

Many real estate agents seem to put their hopes in this growing suburban area. Moreover, in the past couple of years, they have seen an intensive rise of younger professionals and families seeking to buy a home here. The suburban area has been working on creating affordable housing for people wishing to live there and it is paying back. The median house value is $260.000. About two-thirds of the population owns a home while the rest are renting. The average rent in the area is about $1.100 a month.

an affordable light blue wooden house with a fireplace chimney as one thing you should know about Elmwood Park
As the suburban officials constantly work on creating affordable housing people fluctuate in the area

Most residents in the area have a college or associate degree. More importantly, the thing to know about Elmwood Park is that the location of the suburb makes it a perfect place for people to live in. Additionally, if you have speciality items you want to move, like a pool table, you can hire pool table movers Chicago to aid you.

What to know about Elmwood Park: It is a paradise for food enthusiasts

Do you like quality cuisine? Are you interested in trying different food each day? Well, Elmwood Park can offer you just that. The area boasts many different bars, coffee shops, local chain markets and restaurants. The fact that you will find a Restaurant Row as a part of the community can tell you how much this area cherishes food. If you, for instance, do not want to sit in the restaurant and eat, you can easily walk to some of the nearby parks in the area. Yes, the suburb also boasts different parks with amazing views and nature. Therefore, you can enjoy your food and enjoy the beautiful scenery the suburb has to offer. Moreover, Elmwood Park is also considered one of the neighbourhoods that “have it all”.

Above-average school system

Are you maybe moving in with your family and have issues with what school to choose? Worry not, because Elmwood Park High School might be the choice for you. The high school was named the best school in the United States in 2017. More importantly, the suburb can also brag about the Proviso Maths & Science Academy, which is one of the best schools in the area.

a school classrom filled with kids and a teacher
The schooling system of the area offers a variety of different schools to choose from

The area also offers around 10 schools to choose from. So you can be assured that you will not run out of options. Apart from that, this suburb is a great place for families in general. It offers many different activities, festivals and events throughout the year.

Safety above everything

In the past decade, the suburban area of Elmwood Park has been working tirelessly to create a safe and protective environment for its residents. Not only that, the area is very affordable, family-friendly and clean. The crime statistics of the suburbs is lower than the national average in every possible field. This is something that attracts most people who decide to move in with their families. On top of that, the area is completely protected from flooding. The officials are also strategically adding funds to create a clean and healthy environment in the area. Moreover, if there is one thing you should know about Elmwood Park is that you can always find a way to relax after moving there. The vibrant, diverse community, clean streets and low crime rates are something that makes this area perfect for living.

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