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With almost 60 000 inhabitants, what makes Des Plaines perfect for families? This Cook County city has excellent public schools, parks and it’s very well connected. This means that for parents commuting to work is easy, and if you are moving to Des Plaines, you cannot go wrong. If you are moving to this Illinois town, our team at Golan’s Moving & Storage can help make your transition as hassle-free as possible. Here are a few reasons why Des Plaines is a perfect family-friendly town.

A yellow school bus in front of a public school that makes Des Plaines perfect for families
What really makes Des Plaines perfect for families is its public education system.

The main thing that makes Des Plaines perfect for families

Usually, the first factor to consider for families with children is schools. If you are moving from the broader Chicago area before you contact your local movers Chicago you should find out more about schools in Des Plaines. , Each parent gets to decide what great schools mean for them and their children. However, this city has an excellent public education system, making it incredibly family-friendly.

Relocating your family

Before moving, you should really take time to plan it all out. Make a list to help you decide on whether Des Plaines is perfect for you.  There are many things to consider, such as financial aspects, business opportunities, and especially the quality of life. When you have already made the decision to move, you should make a simple to-do list for everything you should do before the relocation to Des Plaines.

  • Research and contact schools – if you have school-age children you should definitely discuss the move with them and research potential schools
  • Prepare all your medical records – especially if you are moving out of state. You should contact your current health providers to get a possible referral if you are moving to Des Plaines.
  • Pack ahead of time and ask for professionals help – this is very important because moving, especially with young children, can be exhausting

Make sure you hire only the best moving companies Chicago, so you can ease the stress of relocation your family to a city that is perfect for you – Des Plaines.

 Nature and parks

This is a perfect city for those families who love going outside and spending time in nature. Des Plaines parks offer many activities in their golf courses, adventure and aquatic family centers. It is away from the bustling city but still close for commuters. Even if you are not a commuter and are starting a business here, this city offers much. Des Plaines has a great community which you will fit in no time.

Young professionals from this community are there to help you in every stage of your relocation. If you hire Des Plaines moving company, you can ensure that all your items arrive in time and with no damages.

Perfect park in Des Plaines for families
Parks and nature make life more enjoyable and are perfect for recreational sports

There are many reasons that make Des Plaines perfect for a family. Ultimately, that decision is just your own. And if you do decide to move to Des Plaines, you shouldn’t do it alone. What you should do is ask for professional help.

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