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Moving is a difficult endeavor that can be made easier if you have the right movers and the right supplies. The right movers for you could be some of the best movers in Chicago. The right packing supplies can be numerous. You will need tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, etc. The boxes will be the most used and most important. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are made of high-quality materials. But which sizes are you supposed to pick, since there are so many? This guide will talk about the different box sizes for moving and which one you should use.

Why should you pay attention when choosing the right box sizes?

The main benefit of knowing the different box sizes for moving when using some moving services Chicago will minimize the potential damage to your items. You will know how much weight a box can take. This way you won’t overload the box from its bottom to fall out, and neither will you pack it so lightly that it might get crushed.

Common moving box sizes

Once you know what sizes exist, you will know exactly how many boxes you need for your move with some local movers Chicago. You won’t overspend on boxes that you won’t end up using. Some of the moving box sizes that you can pick from are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
  • Dish pack
A packed couple standing between moving boxes
Learn what are different box sizes for moving

Small box

Of all the general-purpose moving boxes Chicago, this is the smallest size that you can find. You can use this type of box for packing the smallest and heaviest items for your move. For example, this box size is great for both books and heavy tools. The size of the box is 1,5 cubic feet and it can hold up to 65 lb.

Medium box

This size is perfect for small items like kitchen appliances, pots, and pans. Packing up the kitchen can be very difficult, and rest assured that these boxes will make it easier. The size of this box is 3 cubic feet.

Large box

This and the previous type of boxes will be the ones you will use the most for your move, so make sure to buy more of them. The items best packed in this box size are clothes and kids’ toys. 4,5 cubic feet is the size of a large box.

XL box

If you have a lot of large and lightweight items like winter jackets, blankets, and stuffed toys, these boxes are for you. Make sure to get them because it is certain that you have items in your home that you will have to pack in this type of box.

Dish pack

For breakable glassware, china, and crystal, this is the best choice because it is durable. It is made out of multiple layers which give extra protection when packing valuable items like antiques, which you can also pack here.

A woman packing glasses
Get the right moving boxes for your fragile items

Now that you know the different box sizes for moving, you can start searching for places where you can buy boxes and other moving supplies. Just make sure to remember how many items you need to pack, to buy the right number of boxes.

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