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The holidays are a hectic time and when you add a move to the mix, it can be unbearable. Kick up your heels and reconsider pushing yourself to host a big Thanksgiving dinner. There are plenty of other options to make the most of the holiday.

  1. Go out to dinner

Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is the busiest travel holiday, but nothing shuts a town down like Christmas. In Chicago you have an array of options to dine out for Thanksgiving dinner. RedEye has great recommendations for turkey on the town, all for under $25. Chicago Traveler has great Thanksgiving in Chicago tips, including more high-end dinner options.

  1. Volunteer

The holiday dedicated to gratitude is a great time to volunteer and reach out to the community. Serve dinner in a shelter, hand out gloves and scarves to people spending Thanksgiving outside, or cook at the local VFW. This will inspire you and the people that you help to be thankful for the little things and grateful for everything.

  1. Friends and family

If you decide that regardless of the move, you do not want to forego a traditional Thanksgiving this year, call on friends and family if you live nearby. Some people choose to have a relaxed holiday season if it coincides with a move, but the comforts of home in another’s home may just be what the doctor ordered.

  1. Catering

If your new place already has furniture to host Thanksgiving dinner, you can still invite friends and family without using a single dish. If caterers are still taking orders you can order a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings delivered right to your door. There’s no shame using plasticware and paper plates in lieu of fine china. If caterers are booked, go off the beaten path with a low-key Thanksgiving by ordering take out to celebrate the little things you’re thankful for (like your new favorite neighborhood restaurant).

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