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Many of us like art and collect it. When talking about it, we have to mention antiques. People like to collect them. But, the problem can occur if you have something that you would like to move to storage. Especially, if the pieces that you want are expensive. You have to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage and that is not always easy. The good thing is that there are pretty obvious ways how to do it. Using Chicago moving and storage company is one way but you do not have to use them for everything. Here is how to do this properly!

Get all the supplies that you need for protection

Supplies are everything if you want to save your art and antique before placing them in the storage unit. You can use practically everything that you would use for a regular move. Here are just some of them:

  • moving boxes Chicago
  • air-filled plastic wraps
  • regular plastic tapes
  • bubble cushioning
  • packing tapes
  • markers for labeling the boxes

Even though you can always improvise, this is something that we never advise people to do. Improvising can cause damage to your art and you may regret this decision after. If you do it, do it at your own risk.

air-filled plastic wrap is crucial if you want to protect your art and antiques
Use all you can find to protect your items

Packing is the crucial step if you want to protect your art and antiques

Since most of these things are fragile, you have to handle them properly. Protecting them will require you to be delicate and follow specific steps. First, you want all packing supplies Chicago to be durable. If you opt for second-hand, you may find your art destroyed the next time you unpack it. Art in the form of pictures is usually better handled. It is because there are special kinds of boxes in the specific shape and dimensions of the picture.

But, when dealing with other stuff, air-filled plastic wrap is the key to protection!  You need to wrap each item with air-filled plastic wrap. This will compensate for any external blow there could be during the transport to the storage unit. Before you put them in the box, make sure you place bubble cushioning all around the box. It is additional security that you want to have. Be sure not to get too much weight into one box. Distribute the weight and write the content of each and every one of them on the box. This will save you a ton of time in the future.

Protecting your antiques and art can’t go without a good storage unit

But, before you do everything to save your art and antiques in the same condition, you have to find a good storage unit. Doing this is much easier on paper than in reality. You have to make sure that you rent your storage unit from reputable companies. Conditions of the unit are crucial. You do not want there to be too hot because it can cause a lot of damage to your expensive art. It has to be just right so make sure you get all the information from the moving company.

a storage facility
Pick the right storage for your art and antiques


As you can see, there are a couple of things that you have to know if you want to protect your art and antiques in the best way possible. You should use all the tips that you find here because they will make sure your stuff is fully safe in the future, no matter for how long you want to rent your storage unit!

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