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Portland, Oregon, to this day, is one of the most beloved relocation destination in the entire nation. It boasts great public transportation, a mild climate, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. This is the largest city in the state and it has seen to have a remarkable population growth over the years. Nonetheless, this locale manages to maintain a unique character that draws in attention across many people living within or outside the United States of America.


Green is Good

 Portland, Oregon is very proud of the color green. Recycling is part of the environment-friendly culture in this city. Therefore, they take the aspect of taking care of Mother Nature very seriously. They are proud of their sustainability cred as they recycle, up-cycle, and compost. Residents even like to think that their array of parks and green destinations are among the best of the best.

City for Cyclists

 If you own a bicycle and use it more often than your car, then you will find Portland to be such a welcoming place for you. The locale has bike lanes that even have passing lanes to accommodate all the bike traffic. There is also an impressive system of shared roadways and bike paths. Needless to say, they take cycling here very seriously.

Love Wine?

 Just a short drive south of Portland is the Oregon wine country. In the state, there are over 460 wineries that operate and serve a lot of the best tasting wines in the nation.


How About Coffee?

 Not a big fan of wine? Then how about coffee? The city has almost the same number of coffee roasters as there are microbreweries. It may even be more of a problem to select your morning coffee blend than getting out of bed. Don’t get this wrong, this is a good problem.

Everyone is Family, Even Fido

 Coffee shops in this city cater to animal lovers who want to bring their furry friends with them. Many residents in Portland even agree that they spend a large portion of their income on pet food alone. Here, humans and pets go together almost all of the time.

There are a lot more wondrous things that you should know about Portland, Oregon. If you want to experience it first hand, why not make the city your new home? If you want an easier moving experience to this city, get in touch with Golan’s Moving & Storage today.

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