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Hooray, you just moved into a beautiful studio apartment you can call your own! Before you craftily decorate to utilize your space as best as possible, the first step is unpacking your belongings. Unpacking in small spaces is trickier than you may think– there is less room for empty boxes, and with your things strewn all over it’s not so easy to change your mind about the feng shui of your furniture. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when unloading your life into your new abode:

Pack only what you need
Moving is a great time to acknowledge that you really are never going to wear that pair of acid-washed jeans again. Embrace your own good will and donate the things you know are just taking up space. You’ll thank yourself, and us, later.

– Get your furniture in first
Having your furniture already set up creates a space for you to work within. If you know your bed will be in the corner, you will be less likely to dump all your kitchen appliances there “for the time being.” Another perk is if you’re using movers, they’ll put everything the way you want it so you won’t have to do it yourself later.

– Label Boxes
There is nothing worse than tearing all your boxes apart for your clothes only to leave a mess everywhere. Messes are bad enough as it is, but in a small space, it can quickly become claustrophobic. Despite the size of your new home, labeling your boxes makes sense. Be sure to mark at least two sides so no matter how they end up in the van, you always know what you’re reaching for.

– Unpack in order
Unpack room-by-room or space-by-space. If you’re setting up your books, go through them and finish it up first. If you’re making up your bed, get the mattress and sheets all sorted out before moving on to the bathroom. As you go through your things and arrange them, get rid of the clutter left behind so that your workspace stays organized.

– Ensure function before you stop
If you’re the type to get overwhelmed by unpacking all at once, don’t rush yourself. If you work better when you take a few days and move slowly, that’s okay too. One thing that is necessary with moving is to get everything at least functional before you stop. Put some towels and amenities in your bathroom. Get your alarm clock and pillow out for bedtime, and have some changes of clothes to grab if you need to head out the door before your house is arranged to your liking.

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