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Whether you are planning to relocate or just want to free up some space from excess stuff, you don’t want to put your items in just any storage unit. You have to assess how much time, money, and packing materials you need to spend. After that, choose a corresponding type of storage unit based on your needs. Finding an adequate Chicago moving and storage company can be time-consuming, as not every unit is suitable for all types of items. And this is because they vary in size, structure, accessibility, etc. Below is a list of different types of storage units to help you find out which one fits your needs best.

Indoor Storage

Indoor storage units are located inside a storage facility. The size of these units varies from smaller and narrower ones to larger room-size units. While you can’t simply drive right up to your indoor unit, they are more secure as you need to first access the building where those units are. Some of the storage units Skokie has to offer are climate controlled, but not all of them. So keep that in mind!

Indoor Storage Unit
The indoor storage unit type provides security from outside elements and weather

Outdoor Storage Units

These storage facilities are accessible by vehicle, where you simply drive up and unload right into the storage unit. It is very convenient as you have access to your stuff whenever you have the need for it. You can also store vehicles there, like cars, bikes, boats, and RVs but you should first verify that with the management. All in all, they offer a practical and efficient move-in and move-out process.

Climate-Controlled Units

A climate-controlled storage unit is an indoor type of storage unit that offers a guaranteed room temperature suited for your needs. When you have to store delicate items which are more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, use this type of storage unit.  Inside you can store items such as:

  • Paintings
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fine art
  • Wooden furniture
  • Documents and papers

Bear in mind that packing supplies Chicago has to offer are also important in order to keep your belongings safe and without any damage while in storage units.

Portable Storage Units

These types of storage units are also called pods or mobile storage. They can be delivered to your property if you have a need for the temporary storage of your belongings. They can also be moved to a warehouse or other storing facility. But the downside is after loading you will have limited access to those items. Not all moving companies in Skokie offer storage services, so keep that in mind.

Locker Storage Units

Use these types of storage units if you only have a few smaller items to put away. Since they are smaller in size, you can spend less money when moving. Typically, in these, you would store small and compact items which you don’t need frequent access to.

A room of locker type of storage units
Lockers are useful and practical storage units for small and compact items

Commercial Storage Unit

Commercial storage units are also known as the warehouse storage type. This is one of the moving services that some of the commercial movers Chicago can offer. Various businesses use this as one of the types of storage units to store much larger items or quantities. They are more convenient for those larger items as they typically have loading docks to make sure your stuff gets stored safely. The downside is they are not as easily accessible as others and are often found in remote areas.

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