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As we progress further with technological advancements, we have an array of options in front of us. One of those advantages reflects on home staging and the way it works. Unlike the regular home staging, today we will talk about some virtual staging tips one can utilize before selling their home. Virtual staging is a way of presenting your home to potential buyers online, without having to do any heavy lifting. Moreover, as it incorporates the work of different graphic designers, virtual home staging allows the seller to see the potential look of a house. By taking a picture of an empty room and adding details via software, these designers help buyers envision the full potential of one home. As the buyer sees what the home can look like, hiring Golan’s Moving & Storage for relocation services is the next step to take.

What are the benefits of these virtual staging tips?

Selling your home is not an easy task. More importantly, this task can create serious expenses on your account. However, with the use of technology, this can easily change. In a sense, virtual home staging is a form of a virtual house tour of what the house can potentially look like. For instance, instead of dragging new furniture and spending money on brand new items home-sellers can now virtually stage their home.

a picture of a modern bedroom with black and white details as one of the virtual staging tips
Virtual staging helps the buyer envision the potential of a house without the seller having to spend a lot of money on it

By taking a photograph of a room, for example, virtual staging helps incorporate virtually generated furniture and items into the room. So, make sure to see if the house fits your lifestyle before you contact moving companies in Skokie IL. Some of the main advantages of this are:

  • Lowers costs significantly
  • Allows the seller to be creative
  • Practically has no limits to what one can do
  • Helps you bring your home closer to the buyer

Virtual home staging means selling your house empty/without furniture in it

Unlike regular home staging where the seller must work on staging the entire house for potential buyers, virtual staging helps lower the amount of work one has to do. Well, at least physical work. However, if you plan on virtually staging your home, this would mean that you will probably sell your home without any furniture or items inside it. This can lower the cost of your house, but it might be for the best. When doing a regular staging process, one will have to buy new furniture and items and create a neutral, spacious and fresh home. While in virtual staging, one can take a picture of an empty room and virtually incorporate furniture and other items.

Make sure you de-personalize the rooms and clear the clutter

One thing that can turn down potential buyers fairly easy is a home that is too personalized. This means selling a home that has too many private items, family photographs, children toys, etc. This is something you have to make sure does not appear on the photos of your home. If you are moving before selling, you can place those items in storage units Skokie.

a living room with modern touches and earthly colours
The pictures you provide for the buyers should never contain personal or private items and belongings

If you, however, do not have the time for that, make sure that those items are not visible on the photos of your virtual staging tour. More importantly, make sure that the home is not in clutter.

Virtual staging tips: Make the rooms lit and spacious

As you are working on your photographs, make sure that the rooms are spacious and have a lot of natural lighting in them. This can create a tranquil and relaxing environment. Use natural colours of curtains, rugs and other material inside the room to create a true haven of it. As virtual staging helps the buyer feel more connected to a home, this is a great way of showing what potentials lie there. Do this for every room in your home. When doing the bathroom, make sure you create a nice contrast between the colours and incorporate a nice way of lighting the room with natural light. The colours you provide will be the first thing potential buyers notice when looking at the rooms.

Pay attention to details

Finally, make sure you figure out all the details you want to point out. More importantly, this part of virtual staging tips should help you understand the importance of little items around the house. This is especially important if your buyers are buying a second home or more and have some experience with it. For instance, incorporate lamps, vases, bowls, etc. Each small detail that can make a house look like a home should be in the picture. This way, the buyers will learn the full potential of a home.

a spacious living room with various details all around it
Details like artwork, vases and plants, rugs, etc. will give warmth to the room and make it more attractive

More importantly, it will help them figure out how they want to decorate the home if they buy it. True beauty lies in details, so make sure you provide your buyers with plenty of them. You can also rearrange the furniture around to create more space and offer a different perspective on your home.

Is virtual home staging false advertising?

As we came to the end of our virtual staging tips, we want to talk about its legitimacy. Bear in mind that virtual staging does not enhance the look of a home. It merely allows the buyer to envision what the room would look like with furniture inside. When virtually staging a home, designers will not change things to make them more appealing. For instance, they will not cover up holes in walls or other malfunctions. This will still be an obligation of the seller. However, what they will do is incorporate different furniture to present a picture of what the room might look like in a different scenario. On the other hand, every time a house is being virtually staged, the buyers should be aware of it. This way, everyone can avoid awkward situations.

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