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In the past few years, more and more people have started leaving Chicago. The city appears to be losing its citizens fast, without getting the same or even close number of new people. There are many reasons why people leave Chicago. And they depend mostly on personal choices and lifestyle. Some have found better jobs and are moving from Chicago to New York. Others simply aren’t happy with the living conditions in the city. Due to the high number of people leaving, the city of Chicago lost around 15,000 people in the past few years. The decline occurs mostly in the metropolitan area but also in the suburbs. So, in case you decide you want to look for a different city to live in, this article might help you. We are going to take a look at some of the most common reasons why people decide to leave Chicago.

The high living costs make it hard for people to manage

Even though Chicago is nowhere near other cities such as San Francisco or New York, it still is not a very economical city to live in. The taxes and the rent can be very, very high, and that doesn’t work too well with most people. Also, many people use the services of residential movers Chicago to move away because they face other expenses, such as parking and spending a lot in restaurants. In comparison with the national average, the cost of living in Chicago is roughly 23% higher. According to the data from the previous year, the living costs of Chicago come very close to those of Los Angeles. A one-bedroom place would set you back around $1.100 in rent, while a 3-bedroom home costs up to $2.000. As far as purchasing a home goes, you’re looking at a median price of roughly $250.000. These numbers do not seem like much, but paired with taxes and utilities, they can become a headache.

A lack of investments is one of the main reasons why people leave Chicago

The overall lack of investments in fields such as local communities, employment, crime, and an overall bad tax system is the cause of so many people deciding to change their hometowns. This causes the local economy to take a hit since businesses have a hard time making it in these conditions. Moving companies in Chicago manage to thrive, but other companies either close down or move to a different city. To make things worse, the political scene in Chicago doesn’t help with the situation. The public and political leaders of the city either refuse to or don’t know how to deal with the situation. Because of all this, Chicago’s general debt backed by the rough property taxes comes out at around 10 billion dollars. This is roughly $4000 per resident. This is far from perfect, and many people simply come to a decision that enough is enough and leave.

panoramic view of Chicago from the water
Lack of investment and bad management have forced a lot of people to move out of town

Limited job opportunities in specific sectors

Are you finding it hard to land the job you want in Chicago? You’re not alone. One reason you might be considering a move with long distance movers Chicago is the job market. Some fields simply don’t have as many options here. For example, if you’re in tech, cities like San Francisco or Seattle might offer you more opportunities. In the healthcare field? Boston is often considered a hub. But it’s not just about finding a job; it’s about growing in it, too. Chicago has a strong job market, but some people find they hit a “career ceiling” here. Maybe there are fewer high-level positions in your field, or maybe the competition is just too stiff. Whatever the reason, it’s a concern we’ve heard from many people. If your career feels stuck, you might be thinking of cities where you can climb the corporate ladder more easily.

The extremely cold winters are not to everyone’s liking

There are many positive things about Chicago, but, to be honest, the weather is not one of them. The weather can be very brutal here, especially in winter times, which can last long. The city can expect even more extreme weather in the upcoming years because of climate change. So, if things keep heading in this direction, expect to see even weirder weather here, such as frostquakes and thermal whiplash. Given how extreme things can be, it’s no wonder that weather is one of the reasons why people decide to use moving services Chicago and leave Chicago. For some people, the crazy weather isn’t too much of a problem, while others are rethinking just how much they like snow.

winter in Chicago as one of the main reasons why people leave Chicago
The weather in Chicago can be pretty wild, and it can get worse by the looks of things

Traffic and public transport don’t function that well

The traffic in Chicago is bad, to say the least. But to be fair to the Windy City, traffic is horrible in every metropolitan city. However, when it comes to bad traffic, Chicago really stands out. No matter what list of top cities with the worst traffic you look at, you’ll see Chicago near the top. According to the data, citizens spend roughly 25 percent more time in their vehicles trying to reach their destination. And this is a lot of time which can be spent with family or friends. For that reason, many people decide to use local movers Chicago and relocate to suburban areas. On the other hand, the public transit in the city is rather well organized and maintained, but when people decide to ditch their cars and use the metro, it can also get overcrowded pretty fast, causing an endless cycle.

One of the reasons why people leave Chicago is the high crime rate

Everyone knows about the high crime rates in Chicago, that is no secret. There have been too many unnecessary deaths, robberies, and shootouts in the city. Last year, there were 97 murders in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune. However, a few years ago, there have been 27 more than that, so the number is decreasing. The suburbs are a bit safer, given that most of the crime happens in the metro area. This is something you want to consider if you are moving with kids. It may not always be the safest place to live in, and that’s not something you want to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

close up shot of a police vehicle
Crime in Chicago is slowly declining, but it is still a daily problem

A desire for a different lifestyle

Is the fast pace of Chicago wearing you down? You might find that what you’re missing is the comfort and closeness of a smaller community. In smaller cities or suburbs, life slows down a bit. People often know their neighbors, attend local events, and feel part of a community. In contrast, the vastness of a city like Chicago can sometimes make you feel like just another face in the crowd. But it’s not just about community; it’s also about what you do in your free time. Chicago offers a lot, but it might not have the exact recreational activities you’re passionate about. For example, if you’re an avid mountain biker or love sailing, your options in Chicago could be limited.

Crowd on the street as one of the reasons why people leave Chicago
One of the reasons why people leave Chicago is the crowd on the streets

If you find that you’re daydreaming of close-knit communities or outdoor adventures you can’t have in Chicago, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere, hire furniture movers Chicago, and relocate to a more peaceful place. This doesn’t mean Chicago lacks value; it’s just that other places may offer what you’re missing here. Sometimes, a different setting is the breath of fresh air you need in your life.

Proximity to family and friends

The emotional strain of long-distance relationships can be a big factor in wanting to leave Chicago. FaceTime and holiday visits might not make up for missed birthdays, anniversaries, or just the simple joy of a family dinner. The emotional cost of being far from family and close friends can weigh heavily over time. Family events like weddings, the arrival of a new baby, or the need to care for aging parents often require your presence. These are significant life moments, and being far away can make participation tough. So, if you find that you’re missing out on important family milestones or you’re feeling the emotional toll of long-distance friendships, consider whether staying in Chicago is worth it. Sometimes, the best career or lifestyle can’t replace the feeling of being near the people you love the most.

A family having diner
Many people decide to leave Chicago in order to be closer to their family and friends

Things to know in case you plan on leaving

In case you are currently living in the city of Chicago and have your mind set on moving somewhere else, you should plan ahead. You might need the help of reliable movers if you decide to move to another city or state. In case you are moving from a smaller apartment, getting ready shouldn’t take more than a month. Moving with a family from a larger house requires a bit more preparation and the help of reliable residential movers. In the end, the reasons why people leave Chicago are many, and they are your own. No matter what you decide to do, we’re sure it is in your best interest. If you are a newcomer who plans on moving to Chicago, this blog might help you have a better understanding of the situation and assist you in choosing a new neighborhood.

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