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You have found the perfect new home after a long time of searching. The day of moving has finally arrived. Things are packed and placed in moving boxes. You can save a lot of time, effort when transporting and unpacking in a new home if you pack everything correctly. Moving day mistakes are usually the same – and you can easily avoid them. There is a multitude of possible mistakes that can be made. They can also lead to an increase in removal costs and thus represent a burden for the removal fund. To be sure, Golan’s Moving & Storage have compiled the most common mistakes made on moving day. This way you can prevent stress levels from rising to unbearable levels.

The mistake you need to avoid is to start packing too late

When the best movers in Chicago parks their van in front of your door, the first boxes should already be packed. Otherwise, stress will certainly be present. Start packing on time. Do not leave half-packed boxes for the day of moving. Everything must be in moving boxes books, clothes, photo albums, skates, board games. If you are packing the moving boxes under stress, you are literally throwing all the items inside the boxes without any order. So that you don’t waste your time in your new home trying to put everything back in order, you should pack on time and systematically. The boxes should be filled per room. Bed linen in the cardboard box for the living room will only cause unnecessary work again.

Man packing stack of books in opened cardboard box
One of the top moving day mistakes to avoid is packing too late!

Unlabeled moving boxes 

Label the boxes, because if the movers don’t know which room the boxes are going to, the boxes will mix in your new home. Without labeling, that’s exactly what will happen. Avoid chaos by knowing exactly what is in which box. You don’t want your boxes from the kitchen, ending up in the bedroom and vice versa. If you do not mark them, the probability that this will happen is not small. If that happens it will take you a long time to move the boxes to the right rooms. This extra work is unnecessary in addition to everything you do during the move. Mark the boxes at the top or sides. You can also use self-adhesive labels or duct tape if you want to keep the boxes. You can easily remove them again after moving.

Forgotten to set up the no-stopping zone? Moving day mistakes to avoid

It is necessary when moving to remember to set up a temporary no-stopping zone in front of the old and new home. Contact your local authorities and ask how you can get that permit and whether it is needed at all. The cost and effort are small. The benefits, however, are great. This is just one of the typical moving day mistakes that you can avoid to make the move as simple and bearable as possible. You don’t want to have to carry boxes even further than you need to on the day of the move, because you forgot to put up no parking sign, and then someone else takes the place you really need.

No parking sign - moving day mistake to avoid
Remember to put a no parking sign on the day the moving truck arrives!

Dragging along junk

Moving unnecessary things into your new home is also one of the mistakes you need to avoid. Over the years, a lot of things accumulate in the house that you no longer need. Moving is the right time to inspect stored items. Bulky waste goes directly to the recycling yard. Sell well-preserved items at the flea market. In that way, not only money is poured into the mobile cash register, but you will also reduce the number of required mobile boxes.

Avoid overfilling moving boxes

If you overfill moving boxes you will reduce the number of boxes you need, but they will be hard to carry. The maximum weight of a box should therefore not exceed 44 pounds. To give the boxes stability during packing, the rule is: heavy at the bottom, light at the top. If you put all your cutlery and heavy items in one box, you should fill the upper half with light items such as tea towels. In order to save costs, one quickly comes up with the idea of filling the moving boxes to the top. This has the disadvantage that the cartons can hardly be carried and the maximum weight of the carton is exceeded. This problem often occurs, but you can avoid this mistake and leave your packaging to local movers Chicago.

Moving day mistakes to avoid – Blocked grip holes

If the contents block the handle holes of the box, its transport will be difficult. For this reason, either the upper part behind the handle holes should contain elastic transport goods such as clothes and towels, or the contents of the box should be packed so loosely that there is enough room for the fingers behind the handle holes. The moving box has grip holes on the side for easy and comfortable carrying. However, there is no point in blocking the finger holes. You should leave enough space for the fingers when packing. If you need to pack and move your office, make sure you get professional office movers.

Cheerful couple carrying boxes with belongings
One of the mistakes you need to avoid is not to block the grips on the moving boxes.

Finding the right moving company 

A first classic mistake is to think too late about the right approach. If you want to move with a moving companies Northbrook IL, the mistake can be not to look for the right moving company on the market in time. The order books are well filled, especially on weekends or during the summer months. This does not only result in an increase in rates.

So contact Golan’s Moving & Storage in time and schedule a date that suits you. You will easily avoid the mistakes that can happen on a moving day if you have professionals on your side to help you with your relocation.

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