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Finding the Right Los Angeles Moving Company

As the second-largest city in the United States, millions of people call Los Angeles home—and for good reason! Combined with its geographic location and strong affiliation with the entertainment industry, LA is truly a one-of-a-kind city. To make moving easier, it is best to find the right Los Angeles moving company that would make your Los Angeles moving experience an adventure. But first, ask yourself, why should I move?

Here are our top five reasons to pack up and move to the City of Angels:

1. Sunshine. Forget cold winters and gray rainy days! Los Angeles is perpetually sunny, with an average of only 35 days that register measurable precipitation. The average annual temperature is 66 degrees, which makes it possible to take advantage of sandy beaches and flip-flops year-round. Thus, it is safe to ask your Los Angeles moving company to leave some of those heavy, winter coats behind!

2. Career. Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, is synonymous with the entertainment industry. It goes without saying that Los Angeles is for you if you’re looking to pursue a career in entertainment, whether in front of the camera or behind. Aside from creative professions, LA is a thriving environment for many other professions, including hospitality, law and tech industries.

3. Less stress. Compared to New York, Los Angeles is a much more laid back city and it is easier to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. The surfer attitude isn’t a myth; with close proximity to the beach and consistently warm weather, people have no reason to live a high strung, go-go-go lifestyle. How does this make your Los Angeles moving excitement move up the scale?

4. Cost of living. LA is known for perpetuating a posh lifestyle, but the cost of living is less expensive compared to other popular US metropolitan areas of New York and Chicago. For example, rent in New York 56.29% higher than in Los Angeles, while rent is 8.24% in Chicago. Lastly, Los Angeles moving companies charge cheaper compared to other states.

5. Beaches. With hundreds of miles of coastline, Southern California beaches are unlike anywhere else. LA residents love being active, and the beaches help facilitate that. Surfing, anyone?

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