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Properly storing ski gear is very important, especially if you’re going to store them for a long time. Moreover, there’s some preparation you’re going to need to do before storing them, so the tips from Golan’s Moving and Storage are going to be really helpful for you in this situation. This is especially true now when winter is approaching, and many people are planning their winter holidays. Following these tips is going to ensure your ski gear is going to be in a good condition to be used the next year. That’s actually a very common problem – people store them incorrectly, and they damage them that way for the next season. In any case, think about waxing them, storing them together, and sharpening the edges. Simple things like that are going to make a real difference.

Checking and inspecting the liners

Before your residential movers Chicago come to take your ski gear to the storage you are going to want to remove the liners from the shells. Then remove the footbeds to dry for up to 2 days, or until totally dry. It is generally not to leave them in direct sunlight, or next to a strong heat source. You would do best to just leave them at a normal temperature so they can dry in a normal, albeit perhaps slow manner. If anything else needs cleaning, such as shells, you should also use a cloth to clean them thoroughly. If anything smells bad, try cleaning it somehow. Perhaps getting a disinfectant is going to be productive, since it depends on what kind of cleaning it requires.

Ski gear laid down on the floor.
Storing ski gear is an important topic people often forget to learn about.

Remove the old wax and apply a new layer

You’re going to want to remove any remains of the old wax carefully, but thoroughly. Use a large amount of wax to nurture and preserve your foundation. If you’re not sure of the correct way how to do it, try checking the manufacturer’s website. Also consider other ways to clean, for example by using homemade cleaning cloths. That’s going to make it easier for you to store them, and they’re not going to deteriorate over time.

Thorough cleaning and waxing are going to do lots of wonderful things for your skiis. In case you aren’t storing them in your house, contact the local storage units Skokie offers and ask about the unit conditions. If you’d like to have a climate-controlled unit, several companies are going to offer that opportunity.

Man skiing down a mountain, after which he's going to need to think of storing ski gear.
Skiing equipment is sometimes hard to clean, but it’s not impossible and there are many ways you can approach this problem.

Other things to keep in mind before storing ski gear for a longer time

There are other things you can do when storing ski gear. Naturally, depending on your ski gear and how you used it. But the most important things were mentioned above, so make sure to follow the tips. Waxing and cleaning cannot be underestimated. If you’re wanting to pack your ski gear for a move, hiring a professional company is going to be the best decision. They’re often going to have all the packing supplies Chicago so you don’t have to think about it. Moreover, they’re most likely going to have additional tips for you, so definitely consider that option if you’re going to move.

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