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Persian rugs are a great decoration for any home. They come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of different and unique designs. If you don’t have a place for some of them in your home, you should think about storing them away. They would be much safer there, rather than in your basement or other room. It’s essential to store them properly because if you don’t follow the necessary guidelines, your precious rug can get damaged over time. That’s something you certainly don’t want to happen. That’s why we at Chicago Moving and Storage have decided to help you with this particular task. In this guide, we will go over the most important tips for storing Persian rugs. Let’s get straight into it.

Wash your Persian rug before storing 

It’s essential that your rug is completely clean before you store it away. Clean rugs are much less likely to get attacked by moths and other pests. It’s also important to know that it’s much better to have your Persian rug washed by professionals. Don’t try and do it yourself, because you risk not doing it as thoroughly as it should be done. Only when your rug is washed properly, you should think about finding the right storage units Skokie has to offer to put it away. 

Persian rug in a white room
Persian rugs are a great decoration piece for every home

Make sure it’s completely dry

We can’t stress this enough. Make sure your Persian rug is completely dry before you even think about moving it to a storage unit. Why is that important? Simply because any lingering moisture can result in condensation. Condensation can lead to mildew, and also moisture attracts moths. To avoid any of those things happening, simply make sure your rug is dry and therefore ready for storage. When you are sure the rug is dry, roll it in a tube and wrap it with adequate paper. 

Cover your Persian rug

Once your rug is clean and dry, it’s ready to be covered and moved to storage. When you roll the rug like a tube and cover it with wrapping paper specifically made for rugs, we recommend you use plenty of tape to completely seal it. And make sure that you cover it properly. This will prevent moisture from damaging your Persian rug and also keep the moths away. If you are not sure where to get adequate packing supplies Chicago for storing your Persian rug, contact us! We will gladly assist you.

Persian rugs ready to be stored
Properly storing your Persian rugs will make sure that they stay intact for a long time

Use a climate-controlled storage unit 

To be extra sure you are doing everything properly when storing Persian rugs you own, we suggest that you rent a climate-controlled storage unit. The reason for it is that rugs would benefit from a perfect room temperature. This will result in having your rug stay in its current condition over longer periods of time. Climate-controlled storage units offer that extra layer of protection that is sure to keep the moisture and moths away. There are a few reliable moving services in Chicago that can help you adequately with storing your rug, so give us a call and we’ll definitely provide you with the best service you can afford!

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