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Each home has plenty of things that remind them of their family, happy times, and similarly beautiful things. They are vital to us and we cherish them dearly. That’s why it’s essential that we preserve them and pass them on to our children one day. The most important thing we can do with our memorabilia is to ensure they are adequately packed, stored, and preserved. That’s especially true if you are planning to move to a new home. Packing them the right way is the first step, and the second, equally important one, is hiring a reliable Chicago moving and storage company. In this article we’ll go through the most important steps and tips for storing memorabilia.

Get enough proper packing supplies for storing memorabilia

Don’t use second-hand packing supplies. If they were previously used multiple times, they can most likely deteriorate even further with your memorabilia in them. You don’t want that, as mold and moisture can damage what’s inside. Instead, we recommend that you get in touch with residential movers Chicago and get a hold of fresh ones. Get enough packing paper, bubble wrap, and boxes after you’ve sorted your inventory. Don’t use too few boxes as you will then put too many items inside. They should have enough room between them so you can add some packing paper at the bottom and between the walls of the box.

A picture on the box
To keep your memorabilia safe you will need quality packing supplies

If you have breakable items, like photo frames, make sure you wrap them each individually before placing them inside. Still, the best way to get packing supplies Chicago is to ask your moving and storage company of choice to provide them to you.

Carefully choose an adequate storage unit

If you have photos, documents, or important papers, you wish to store away, be careful when choosing a storage unit. Regular storage units aren’t maybe the best choice for you. The previously mentioned items might deteriorate due to mold and moisture that can linger in storage units. That’s why it might be best that you rent a climate-controlled storage unit. You can choose the perfect room temperature inside of those, and that alone will help you greatly. You will leave your memorabilia in perfect condition for a long period of time! Make sure to find storage units Skokie that are climate-controlled and rest assured that your memorabilia will stay in good condition.

Go digital where and if you can

First of all, carefully sort the memorabilia you wish to store away. Once you know exactly how many things you want to put away, it will be easier to gauge how many packing supplies you will need. Also, you will discard unnecessary things which will reduce the space you will need.

A person looking at digital photos
Storing memorabilia such as photos on your laptop might be a good way to keep them safe

To further free up space, we recommend that you scan and save digital copies of documents and photos. That also serves as a great backup when storing memorabilia. This way you would be a step ahead of anything that can potentially happen to their physical copies.

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