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Jewelry can be a messy thing to deal with at times. Non-the-less, safely storing jewelry in a unit is an important factor during the moving process. Namely, the longevity of your jewelry can be jeopardized if treated poorly. If you are moving, hiring moving companies Chicago is the best way to ensure a good moving experience. However, jewelry is something you should take care of yourself.

costume jewelry on a stack
Regardless of what type of jewelry you want to store, it should always have adequate protection

When we relocate things tend to get messy and overwhelming. Especially when you have to deal with tangled jewelry chains and delicate materials they are made out of. In this article, we will guide you on the best ways to safely storing jewelry in a unit.

Clean the jewelry before safely storing it in a unit

As the jewelry is made out of different types of metal, they are all prone to some weakness. For instance, water is not compatible with silver. So it would be best to clean and dry your jewelry once you finish using it. If you are planning on keeping the jewelry in storage for more than a week you must clean it. Depending on their material, their longevity can be at risk and they can both lose value and the aesthetic look.

To properly clean your jewelry, we advise you to follow these methods:

  • Mix lukewarm water with a few drops of dish detergent
  • Saturate the jewelry in the mix
  • To wash away any dirt or dust use a soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Place the jewelry in a cloth to dry it out

Before you run to storage Skokie, make sure that everything is clean and ready for storing.

Separate the jewelry

Obtain a few plastic or wooden containers and separate your jewelry. It is advisable that you separate them by their material and not by size or type of jewelry. Moreover, you should aim to separate necklaces and bracelets from other types of jewelry to avoid any entanglement between the items. Another advantage of separating your jewelry is that it makes it easier for you to organize your storage unit.

a separate jewelry box for safely storing jewelry in a storage unit
Jewelry boxes with numerous compartments will make it easier for you to protect your jewelry

Once you have your jewelry in the containers it will be easier to pack and store them. Another advantage you gain by separating your jewelry is that it minimalizes any potential damage. Jewelry will often damage each other if in transport together.

Pick a storage environment that has good conditions

To ensure no outside factors can affect the condition of the item you must choose the right type of conditions for the storage unit. This means that you should rent storage that is dry and not exposed to any light. Materials from which the jewelry is made can tarnish if you expose them to some conditions or other materials. Rubber, gemstones, or any sharp or rough materials can eventually damage your jewelry. Thus, this can put you at the risk of losing precious items. Many liquids can also damage the longevity of jewelry. Direct sunlight and humidity can make jewelry loose color and fine finishes it has.

Safely storing jewelry in a unit means getting insurance

The jewelry insurance is the best way to protect your jewelry from any potential harm. A lot of regular insurance policies are not enough to protect your valuables. However, opting for the jewelry insurance will protect it regardless of where you are, where your jewelry is or what happens to it. You can obtain this type of insurance through homeowners or renters insurance. Moreover, you should consider consulting your insurance company before deciding to store your jewelry inside a storage unit. Because most fine jewelry gets stolen you should absolutely cover your luxurious commodities with a proper insurance policy.

Fine jewelry tips

Fine jewelry is one of the most precious items you can possess. They are made out of luxurious materials and they truly shine. However, finer jewelry should be kept away from the sunlight as the stones can tarnish if exposed to direct UV light. This type of jewelry should never touch each other once you store them or during the move. Glenview moving companies can help you relocate and transport your items, but diamonds can cut and scratch all of your jewelry. So, make sure to protect your jewelry from your other jewelry. The last thing you want is to jeopardize the longevity of your jewelry and cause them to lose value.

Costume jewelry tips

Costume jewelry is a type of jewelry that is mostly aesthetic rather than valuable. Non-the-less, this does not mean that it has no value to you. Some experts believe that you should keep this type of jewelry somewhere visible. Firstly, because you are more likely to know where they are. Secondly, because you will be more inclined to wear it.

strains of plastic costume jewelry with multiple colors
Costume jewelry requires protection from other materials that might damage it

However, if your aim is to store your jewelry for a longer period of time you should apply some of the rules for more fine jewelry. Low humidity and consistent temperatures are the perfect conditions for this type of jewelry. If you want to prevent your costume jewelry from tarnishing, try buying rhodium-plated costume jewelry. This type of material can never tarnish, unless, the whole rhodium plate wears off.

The storage condition is the most important factor

Well, that and the security measures that the storage has. Storage conditions are the biggest factor in safely storing jewelry in a unit. Appropriate conditions will reduce exposure of your jewelry to any harmful factors. Moreover, the security measures that the storage unit has will determine how safe your items are. Having security guards and security cameras will add an extra layer of protection for your items.

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