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Relocating home can be quite complicated if you have specific items with you. Some people have king-sized beds, gun racks, home safes, a pool table, or huge aquariums. All those items require special attention, an adequate preparation process, and professional movers Chicago to relocate them safely. And when we are talking about relocating a waterbed, the procedure is the same. So, let us today talk about it and make sure you prepare and relocate your waterbed safely. Let’s dive right in.

Prepare for relocating a waterbed

Like with any other item, you must prepare it for relocation first. Depending on what kind of waterbed you have, you should start by detaching the external pieces. The first step is to remove the power source and a heater if you have one. Then, leave your bed to cool off and settle for a couple of hours. Meanwhile take all parts that belong to the waterbed assembly and place them in one of the adequately sized moving boxes Chicago. Or use the original box if you still have it. Once your bed is ready, start draining it by using a garden hoe and an electric pump.

woman watering the garden
An electric pump and a garden hose are all you need to drain your waterbed.

Usually, you’ll get one with your bed but if that is not the case, you should obtain one from the nearest Home Depot or borrow it from a friend. And remember, this takes time so be patient if you do not want to damage the waterbed. Let it drain naturally and once it is over, you should clean it and prepare it for packing.

Pack your waterbed like a pro

Relocating a waterbed can damage it beyond repair if you do not pack it correctly. Most waterbeds can be folded and relocated inside a box. But a baffled mattress should be rolled like a carpet if you want to keep it in a good condition. So, once it is drained, clean it and fold or roll it. Depends on which one you have. Then either use one of the boxes you already have, or purchase packing supplies Chicago from your movers. They have a variety of packing materials to offer and some of them are designed for this occasion.

Relocating a waterbed with professional moving services

Know that your movers won’t relocate a waterbed unless it is drained completely. Relocating a waterbed is complicated when you want to move it from one room to another. Let alone when you must load it into the moving truck and relocate to another home. So, you must prepare your bed upfront and notify movers you have one so they can prepare for it. It is a delicate piece that can be easily punctured during transport. This means it must be well protected and have a nice place inside a moving vehicle. But do not worry, your local movers Chicago have experience with this part and they’ll cover it professionally.

mover as the person who will help you with relocating a waterbed
You will need a professional moving team to help you with all items in your home, not only the waterbed.

Prepare your new home for your waterbed

Now, when you relocate, you will probably want to put your waterbed back to good use. But before you do it, you must find a place for it. This is best determined before the relocation while inspecting your new home. Figure out where to place one and instruct your movers to bring it inside the designated room. And if you have no room for such a huge piece of furniture, try to declutter before moving. Get rid of old furniture and unused items to make more space inside your new home. Especially if you are moving into a smaller one.

Relocating a waterbed is easy if you prepare it adequately. And now you know how to do it. All that is left is to find a reputable moving company that will relocate it safely. Good luck.

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