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Moving can be really tough a lot of times. Add pets to this, and you have an even bigger problem on your hands. Our animal friends need special attention when it comes to home relocation, regardless if they have fur, feathers, or scales. You need to do everything you can to make the move easy and stress-free for them, and your Des Plaines moving company will take care of the rest. When relocating a fish tank, you don’t have to think only about how you’ll move every individual fish, but the tank itself. After the move, the aquarium will need to be ready for the fishes as soon as you move in. It’s not as simple as just unplugging it and putting it in a box. However, moving a fish tank is easier than you might think if you know how it’s done. With our help, it’ll be a breeze.

Before relocating a fish tank, collect the needed supplies and secure the fishes

You will need to transport the tank empty, obviously, so you need to have a plan. Everything from moving the tank and its supplies to handling the fishes needs to be thought through. Because of this, your first step should be gathering the supplies needed to pull this off. You probably have most of these items, and you will have to buy some along the way. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plastic bags or containers for fish. – Simple plastic bags secured by a twist tie if you are traveling a short distance with small fish. For larger fish, we recommend bigger containers, or clear 5 gallon buckets with lids.
  • Buckets for decorations – Any plants in the tank will need to remain submerged through the move.
  • Fishnet for moving the fish from the aquarium to their container.
  • Siphon hose for removing the water from the tank.
  • Packing tape for securing the containers the fish will be in.
  • Packing supplies for air filters, pumps, and other tank decoration. This includes cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper.
black and brown dog sitting in a box
Moving is a stressful time for pets, and they need special attention and care because of that.

Before you hand over your tank to the reliable moving services Chicago, you need enough time to take care of the fish. Keep in mind that fish are very prone to stress, so hold off removing them from the tank as much as you can. Use the water from the aquarium when moving the fish to their boxes or bags, and leave some air on top. This will help make their surroundings as comfortable as it can be. Stop feeding your fish 24 hours before you move them, so the water remains clean. And don’t worry, fish are fine without food for a day or two if they’re healthy.

Get the aquarium ready for the road

Relocating a fish tank removed around moving with pets and moving the contents of the tank as well. Before you leave your goods in the capable movers’ hands, everything needs to be ready to go. Once you put your aquatic pets in their containers, it’s time to prepare the rest of the tank for relocation. Start by placing the aquarium plants in a bucket and filling it with the water from the tank. Leave a pocket of air at the top so water doesn’t spill out. Siphon whatever is left of the water from the tank and store it in a separate bucket. You want to save as much of the original water so the fishes habitat doesn’t get disturbed too much.

fish aquarium in a dark room
Clean and dry the fish tank before the move, and try to keep as much of the original water as possible.

Wipe and dry any decorations and pack them. If you have pebbles or sand at the bottom of the tank, scoop it out, and place it in a separate container. Take out the air filters and water pumps and wipe them down. Remember to keep the filters damp. Carefully pack all of your gear and lastly, thoroughly wipe down the tank itself. Remember to label all of the boxes with decorations and equipment so they don’t get lost or mixed up with other boxes. You want to have your aquarium up and running as soon as possible, so it helps to know what’s where.

Pack your tank and load it up!

Fish tanks are very fragile pieces of equipment and need to be handled with care, as you would expect. A single crack will render the aquarium useless so take your time with the packing. Begin by removing the lid and wrapping it in bubble wrap or plastic padding and secure it with packing tape. Next, cut a piece of foam insulation that matches the tank’s width and place it at the bottom. Fill the tank with towels or packing peanuts. Wrap the tank in bubblewrap and place it in a box. Make sure you select the right box size, slightly larger than the tank. Stash more foam insulation between the tank and the box to prevent movement. Be generous with packing tape and seal the box properly, and label it as fragile. Draw arrows on the box to indicate the top side. You don’t want it ending upside down.

Orange beta fish separated for relocating a fish tank

When the moving day comes, you want to make sure that it is stored in the truck just as carefully as it was packed. So, when you or your movers start loading everything up, avoid stacking anything on top of the box containing the fish tank. Keep in mind that moving trucks are not always temperature controlled. So just to be safe, keep the containers with the fish either in the cabin of the truck, or transport them yourself in your car. Prop them up and make sure they are stable so they don’t topple over and spill. After you finish relocating a fish tank, you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your fishy friends and relax.

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