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Everyone has something special to them that requires more careful packing. Music instruments are especially important to professional musicians and, to other people with this hobby. Packing musical instruments might be one of the most challenging jobs to do. The high-quality ones are usually very expensive and hard to replace. The other downside is the shape and the size of musical instruments. As it can be quite tricky to pack them, it would be best to hire moving services Chicago. Movers have more experience than you when it comes to packing and moving musical instruments. There is nothing more pleasing than to play again your favorite song in your new home. For this, the musical instrument should be packed and moved with experienced hands. 

What is the first step when you are packing and moving musical instruments? 

You can’t use the same packing method for every musical instrument. They vary greatly in size and shape, so the packing method should be specific to each instrument. For this reason, you should consider seeking professional help. If you are afraid of the cost, you can find affordable movers Chicago with good deals. 

When you are looking for movers to hire, try to find movers specialized in one type of move. For example, if you need to move a piano then hire piano movers Chicago instead of regular movers. This way, you will know that your items are in the most capable hands. These movers are especially useful in situations where you need to pack and move huge instruments like piano and harps. 

girl playing a harp
It would be better to hire movers for your harp

How to pack musical instruments with strings? 

Before you start packing the instrument, you should prepare packing materials beforehand. Moving already requires a lot of money. Because of this, try finding quality packing materials and avoid used moving boxes. Musical instruments deserve special care and you can’t achieve that with used moving boxes. 

For instruments with a string like cellos, harps, and guitars, first, you need to loosen strings. For instruments with tunning keys, you need to turn all the keys to be parallel with the headstock. This type of instrument usually has its own case, which makes packing easier. If not, wrap them first in plastic material, then in bubble wrapping. Then wrapped like this, put in a big box to accommodate the instrument and packing peanuts around it. 

man carrying a guitar
Make sure to properly pack your guitar

What to do with brass and woodwind instruments? 

Packing and moving musical instruments might be a complicated job but not the impossible one. For brass and woodwind instruments, you should do these steps. 

  • Take apart – The first step is to completely take apart the instrument. 
  • Original hard cases – Ideal situation would be if you have original hard cases for every part of the instrument. 
  • Look for the next best replacement – If by some chance, you don’t have original hard cases, you can wrap every part of the instrument individually. 
  • Final step – Find a large enough box to put instrument and multiple layers of packing peanuts or paper. 

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