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If you have a yard, it’s very possible you have a grill too. You are also likely attached to your grill, as it was the centerpiece of many family get-togethers. Naturally, you want to bring it with you when moving, and want to keep it safe. Movers Chicago will transport your grill safely – all you need to do is pack it. Packing a grill for relocation is not that hard. All you need to do is get the right supplies, prepare it for transport, and pack it. Here is a short guide that will advise you how to pack your grill without too much hassle.

Get The Right Supplies

The first step to packing a grill is just like with everything else – you need the right packing supplies. Get at least two sturdy boxes. You will pack the base of the grill in one and the detachable part in the other. Make sure that the boxes are undamaged and strong enough to carry the weight. You don’t want the grill ripping through the box and injuring someone. Packing services Chicago can provide you with the boxes, or even pack it themselves. Grills are unlikely to get damaged, but you should still get some bubble wrap and a bunch of newspapers to stuff into the boxes. Next, on to preparing the grill.

Packing a grill for relocation.
Packing a grill for relocation is easy if you prepare properly.

Preparing the Grill

The first step is obvious – don’t pack it right after using it. While some parts of the grill are heat-proof, a lot of it isn’t. Don’t injure yourself or have it burn through the boxes. Wait until it cools off. Next, remove the flame sources from the grill. If it’s a charcoal grill, simply remove the briquettes. If it’s a gas grill, you need to remove the propane tank. Don’t forget to empty the tank. This is the most important step in packing a grill for relocation – the tank needs to be empty. You don’t want to transport flammable or hazardous materials for safety reasons. Depending on the local laws, it could actually be illegal. Residential movers Chicago can give you information on which items are allowed to be transported. You could also clean the grill thoroughly, so you don’t have to it later. Now, on to the packing.

Charcoal in a grill.
Remove anything flammable from the grill before packing it.

How to Pack a Grill for Relocation

First, detach any removable parts and pack them in a separate box. This will make it lighter to carry, and there is less of a chance that something gets lost. Wrap the items in bubble wrap and fill the rest of the box with newspapers or cloth. You can use towels or even old shirts; anything you don’t mind getting dirty. This will prevent any items from moving around and getting damaged. Take care to wrap anything sharp properly, so that it doesn’t scratch your other items. The rest of the process of packing a grill for relocation is rather simple. Wrap the grill in bubble wrap or cloth that you will secure with tape. Just make sure to stuff the box the brim with soft materials. Grills can be heavy, and you don’t want it moving around during transport. Happy barbecuing after the move!

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