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So you’re about to move into your first home! The transition from renting to becoming a homeowner is an exciting one. You gain a whole new creative freedom when it comes to decorating, designing, remodeling and painting, but with your new freedom also comes new responsibilities.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the duties of home owning:

1. Home Insurance

This is not optional. Home insurance is one of the first hurdles you’ll jump on your way to being a responsible homeowner, as it is required before closing time. Be sure to research policies, as they are all slightly different; some policies cover the cost to actually replace your home and contents while others only agree to pay a set amount. Also be sure to research if your home falls into a mandatory flood insurance category.

2. Lawn Care

If you’ve only rented since now, you probably haven’t had to deal with lawn maintenance. Be sure to have a lawn mower, rake, shovel and hose in your arsenal. If you plan on hiring a company do your research and talk to your new neighbors about who they use.

3. Utilities

Be sure that you know which companies provide utilities to your new home and contact them to set up accounts. Trash pickup is a utility service, too!

4. Security

Now that you are no longer renting you are solely responsible for your own level of security. Always lock all your doors and be sure to get deadbolts installed. If you want to take your security to the next level, research and buy a monitored security system.

5. Tools

Even when you were renting it was advisable to have a toolkit, but as a homeowner it’s vital. A basic toolbox should include: a hammer, pliers, various sizes of screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, a utility knife and measuring tape. If you’re more experienced, add power drill to the list.

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